Chef Frederic Chartier & Traditional French Cuisine Comes To Shelburne, Beyond The Gate!

Traditional French Cuisine Comes To Shelburne with a new Creperie owned and operated by Chef Frederic Chartier. Opening on August 18th, 2017 it is wise to book your reservation ahead and don’t miss out. Located exactly beside Shelburne’s wool shop, The Wool &Silk Co. on Main Street, there is a beautiful gate and just BEYOND THE GATE, a treat for your taste buds. Chartier has already sourced local businesses for the supplies and ingredients he will use and brings to Shelburne a wealth of culinary expertise. Click on image above for full interview to find out more and get a sneak peak at the wonderful decor. This location has a special history with Shelburne as it was a bakery at one time as many will remember. Coming full circle thanks to Chef Chartier, this location will once again become alive again. Beyond The Gate will also offer fine wine and a variety of ciders.

Exciting news for Shelburne and it all happens, BEYOND THE GATE! 

(Above LtoR) Chef Frederic Chartier and server Ashley Martinadale. Click image to visit Beyond The Gate on Facebook.