Response From Minister Of Transportation Regarding Highway 10-89 & 124 Intersection And Is There A By-Pass Planned For Shelburne’s Future? You Can Weigh In!

Recently, Alex Sher of The Shelburne Freelancer reached out to the Ministry of Transportation regarding what seemed to be hand sitting on the decision to install an advanced green light at the Highway 10-89 and 189 intersection. After contacting the Mininster of Transportation’s office, Communications Co ordinator for the Ministry of Transportation, West Region, provided the following response.   “The ministry is aware of the Shelburne community’s concern with the intersection of Highway 10/89 and Dufferin Road 124. Minister Del Duca met with a delegation from Shelburne at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference in Ottawa in August. There, the Shelburne delegation raised their request for a Highway 10/89 bypass of the community, as well as for an advance green phase at the Highway 10/89 and Dufferin Road 124 intersection. Ministry staff have reviewed this intersection several times, most recently in January 2017, to determine whether safety or operational improvements, including advanced left turn phasing, are required. Our assessment took traffic volumes, roadway geometry, collision history, and overall traffic operations into consideration. The results did not indicate the need for improvements at that time. However, following discussion with the Shelburne delegation at the AMO conference, the ministry agreed to conduct another assessment of the intersection in warmer months when traffic volumes may be higher. This assessment will take place in summer 2018. Regarding a bypass, in 2008 the ministry and Shelburne partnered to complete a traffic operations study for Highways 10 and 89. The findings indicated that future traffic volumes will exceed the capacity of the east-west portion of Highway 10/89. At the AMO conference, the ministry let the Shelburne delegation know that we are working on a long-term, comprehensive and multi-modal transportation plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe area, which includes Dufferin County and Highway 10/89. This study, expected to be done by early 2019, will help us determine future planning priorities ” Liane Fisher Bloxam, Communications Coordinator, Ministry of Transportation – West Region. For more information call, 519-873-4186 or email your concerns to