Shelburne Police Offices Carrying Lifesaving Naxalone Kits

Shelburne Police Officers Carrying Lifesaving Naloxone
December 6, 2107

In response to the growing opioid crisis in Ontario the officers of the Shelburne Police Service are now equipped with Naloxone nasal spray.
Police officers are facing an increased occupational risk through accidental absorption through the skin or inhalation while responding to situations involving opioids. In response to this risk all Shelburne Police Service officers and civilians will be trained in the use of Naloxone nasal spray.  Shelburne Police Chief Kent Moore says “We cannot think that opioids are not in our community.  Equipping our officers with Naloxone nasal spray was a logical choice to protect the men and women of Shelburne Police Service, as well as, our citizens”.

Health Canada states “Naloxone can save lives when used promptly, by temporarily reversing a potentially fatal opioid overdose, and the nasal spray is considered to be easier to use than the injectable version, particularly by those who are not healthcare  professionals.”  This media release provided by Shelburne Police Services.

Visit for more information on Noxolone.  The above image from the website