Canadian Mental Health Care Gets Much Needed Help From Web & Mobile APP. Find Out About Beacon!


“Apply” named, sometimes we need a Beacon to show us the way…

Executive Chairman and CEO, Sam Duboc (below) and Dr. Peter Farvolden are now sharing their brain child, an exciting new alternative path to Mental Health Care. Their new Web and Mobile APP, Beacon, is making a huge difference to so many as it is convenient and accessible to all Canadians. At present Mental Health Care is at the forefront of almost every conversation and for good reason. Speaking out and reaching out, people are finally able to address issues surrounding depression and anxiety.  The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health commonly referred to as (CAMH) , a well known mental health care facility in Toronto, where Duboc once served on the board is a very busy place. Wait times for those in need can be long due to excessive demand and depending where Canadians live, travel to and from treatment to Mental Health Care treatment facilities can be expensive and stressful, escalating an already serious situation in the quest for help. Beacon is not intended to be in ‘competition’ for business.  It’s creators had a very different motive and reason for creation in mind, simply helping Canadians in need.

Beacon, is a modern way to acquire a traditional form of mental health care using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with dedicated, qualified, certified, registered therapists.  Already helping hundreds of people, this unique service, not free, is however covered by many health care plans. Health Quality Ontario has approved guidelines that 16-20 traditional (non-digital, face-to-face) CBT sessions are suitable for treatment of depression. Traditional treatment with a regulated therapist is typically $150-$250 per session, which can add up to thousands of dollars. This is a separate point from BEACON which for $500 allows people a full course of CBT treatment which includes 12 weeks of unlimited access to eTherapist support through BEACON protocols and 12 months unlimited access to their BEACON resources to help them prevent relapse.

This service is a wonderful way for families to encourage loved ones in need to seek treatment and is changing the approach to Mental Health Care in it’s accessibility to Canadians located in small communities. Canadians are now able receive tech-based therapy with a secure and privacy assured personalized course of action to help people of all ages in their pursuit for positive reinforcement in their quest for Mental Health Care. While the program is exclusively for 18 years and older at present, there may be help for those younger in the future.

A little history can sometimes bring it home and create inspiration…

Duboc is no stranger to the struggle those who experience anxiety and depression face each and every day. Having experienced a personal family tragedy, Duboc became convinced he could do more to help those suffering. ” My goal is to provide accessible and effective mental health care, ” commented Duboc claiming that when followed correctly, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be 100% effective. As an entrepreneur, Duboc, creator of Air Miles, founder of the private equity firm EdgeStone Capital Partners, co-founder of Loyalty Group Inc., is also chairman of Pathways to Education‘s national board of directors helping kids to graduate instead of dropping out. After speaking with Duboc, it’s not very difficult to understand he is driven, focused and one of those people who are seriously dedicated, caring and concerned about the world, it’s future and the greater good. Not surprising is that Duboc would become involved in the creation of a concept that became such a wonderful and positive tool accessible to so many at a time in our society when Mental Health Care need has never been greater. With technology playing such an important role in our lives today, this particular method of Mental Health Care is a very exciting, innovative, futuristic approach that is not intimidating and can be catered around any schedule, anywhere. The below graphics are located on Beacon’s Website. Because there were so many websites already using the word Beacon, the company’s website is which as it turns out, is a fantastic and appropriate name. By definition a beacon is : a lighthouse, signal buoy, etc., on a shore or at a dangerous area at sea to warn and guide vessels. Society is that vessel and thanks to Sam Duboc and Dr.  Farvolden and their team, we now have our very own Beacon to guide us to an alternative path to traditional Mental Health Care. For more information visit and a click on all images will help you to visit the Beacon Website.

By Alex Sher