Veterans Bill Ritch & Garry Netzke Interview With Pastor Gord Horsley During Remembrance Day 2017

“Every Remembrance Day is very special in Shelburne, Ontario. This year Shelburne’s Royal Canadian Legion’s Padre, Pastor Gord Horsley, who always does an excellent job, decided to do something a little different during the Remembrance Day Ceremony held at Shelburne’s Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Facility. This year an interview was conducted with two of Shelburne’s Veterans and the interview was very enlightening. For some reason, every electronic device I carried with me that day, cell phone, Camera, back up battery, back up camera and those two batteries, everything- all batteries died. Fortunately, a stranger to me, Barry Ritch, was kind and generous enough to send his cell phone recorded interview and gave me permission to upload it onto youtube to share with Shelburne and all the world. Kind thanks and this generosity is greatly appreciated. Shelburne is made of the best people! This is the good stuff Folks! And in case anyone is curious as to the age of  Bill Ritch, he reported to me that this upcoming February, he will turn 95!”, Alex Sher. Click here for the video. It’s really something!