1st Draft Proposal Presented To Council For 60 Town Homes Located At 600 Main St. East

Shelburne’s Growing! What Do You Think?

The subject of much interest and discussion surrounded Council’s reaction of general inquiry to Town Planner, Steve Wever’s report on the proposal form MDM Development regarding 60 new Town Homes and their placement on 600 Main St. East in Shelburne. Sometimes difficult to imagine the exact location, The Shelburne Freelancer visited the site, providing a quick video background and overview of the proposal .Click here. While in it’s early stages, the site is within proper zoning for this type of development. This unusually shaped site is currently vacant and runs along The Besley Drain which is protected by the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority and runs south west to North East on the western portions of the site. Earlier, when the project was passed for development, residents who currently live on Main Street East who will neighbours were very concerned over the area becoming over crowded, expressed grave concerns for the safety of possible school children crossing Main St.  also stressing the difficulty they already experience driving, entering and exiting their driveways with the increased traffic Shelburne’s Main Street currently exhibits. Council echoed these questions and asked that Town Planner Steve Wever return to a future council meeting with the builder so they could meet and clearly understand what is exactly intended to be built on the site. Visit the Town Of Shelburne Website where all agendas are posted for more information. Note: While Shelburne Town Planner reported the builder was looking at the development gearing it possibly towards seniors, however it’s unclear which demographic is actually being considered.

More info to come.

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