Upper Grand District School Board & myBlueprint Pathway Planner

Board Meeting Highlights for February 2018
The February meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board
was held on February 27, 2018. The following provides highlights from the meeting.
New Version of myBlueprint Pathway Planner
UGDSB Student Success staff gave a presentation on the latest version of myBlueprint.
myBlueprint is a robust pathway planning tool for UGDSB students.
For the past few years, K-12 students in the UGDSB have been using the tool to reflect
on four inquiry questions: Who am I? What are my opportunities? Who do I want to
become? What is my plan for achieving my goals? Students can also access
information about various occupations, post-secondary destinations and employment
Students use myBlueprint to chart out their pathway, save their progress and make
informed decisions throughout their schooling. Everything is connected and
personalized, from course selections to goals they can set for themselves. myBlueprint
also has resources for navigating the working world, including resume and cover letter
writing tips, career information, and financial planning tools.
The newest version of myBlueprint features a modernized interface and mobile
responsiveness, so it works well on all devices. myBlueprint now offers accounts for
parents/guardians, so they can access important information they and their child may
need to make informed decisions about life after high school.
Students and parents also have access to myBlueprint’s comprehensive Guides, where
they can learn more about a range of topics related to College and University,
apprenticeship, finances, mental health and transitioning to life after high school, and more.

Recently, UGDSB staff worked with myBlueprint to create a comprehensive
Guide for Careers in Agriculture.
To learn more about myBlueprint, visit the board website.
Secondary Vice-Principal Appointment
The following Vice-Principal appointment is effective February 20, 2018.
 Heather Pierce from Curriculum Leader Secondary to VP (temporary) at
Centennial CVI
Policy Updates
Trustees approved the following revised board policies: Policy 103 Trustee Code of
Conduct and Policy 317 Fees for Learning Materials and Activities.
Trustees also released draft Policy 517 Service Dogs for Students for public
consultation. Members of the public are welcome to review the draft documents and
provide feedback at www.ugdsb.ca/policy.
The next regular monthly meeting will be held on Tues. March 27, 2018, at the Guelph
Board Office, 500 Victoria Road North. Everyone is welcome to attend. The meeting
begins at 7 p.m.
About the Upper Grand District School Board
The Upper Grand District School Board serves approximately 34,000 students through
65 elementary schools and 11 secondary schools in the City of Guelph, County of
Wellington and County of Dufferin. Student success is the goal of over 3,000 dedicated
teaching and support staff who are aided by the contributions of caring volunteers and
community partners.
Learn, Lead, Inspire…Together
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