New Development, Hyland Village To Honor Veterans With Street Names

The Town of Shelburne has been naming streets in new developments after Shelburne Veterans and during a Council meeting held Monday, March 26, 2018, Councillors have decided to take a look at the bylaw involving the naming of streets and the procedure of adding names of other notable Shelburnites such as Shelburne Police Service Members and others.

Susan Zucchero, Senior Project Manage of Hyland Village development,  still in it’s infancy, located on 401 Main Street West, (as seen below) requested during the Council meeting, the use of Veteran’s names for Hyland Village, the site of 35 new condominiums, sparked the welcome conversation regarding using names of Veterans for Hyland Village which lead Council to discuss the possibility of adding names to the potential street name list for consideration.


Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever explained to Council there is a procedure development planners take into consideration when naming streets. Below are images of the new location of Hyland Village.  For more information, visit the Town Of Shelburne Website, Click here.