Summerhill Neighbourhood Playground Type Decided By Online Voters

The Town Of Shelburne asked the residents of Summerhill Neighbourhood to vote online in order to choose which of the three offered playground options they would like in their development and the decision is in! Playground option “A” was chosen and the Town will begin installation fairly soon. Summerhill resident, Stephanie Davis attended the Council meeting held on March 26 and expressed her opinion surrounding the choice of Playground “A” and asked Council to consider a basketball court as an addition to plan A in an attempt to provide an element of interaction and activity for older youth as plan A seemed structured towards younger kids. Council agreed with Davis and will examine that possibility moving forward.

Mayor Ken Bennington pointed out  the Town of Shelburne is not in the playground building business and it’s worth noting that the Town is not funding the project. The development opted to pay The Town of Shelburne to build the playground rather that do it themselves. For more information, visit the Town of Shelburne Website.