Weekly Update & Sad Hearts Remember Members Rodgers, Hill, Gray And Honoring Veteran Milley

“The month of April is finally upon us.  Come on over to the Legion and see what’s happening.  Every Monday at 1:30 we have open euchre, play begins at 2pm.  Monday evenings we have Bingo in the Warriors Hall, doors open at 6 p.m and play begins at 7 p.m.  Try your luck and win the $1,000.00 jackpot.  Tuesdays is a regular Members day and we are open from 2 p.m – 8 p.m.  If you are interested in being a Member, just ask the bar steward for a application.  Wednesday our in house dart league is wrapping up for the year with their final playoffs.  Good luck to all that are playing.  Thursday evenings we have sports night beginning at 7 p.m with euchre, pool, darts and crokinole available.  Friday April 6th is another RED FRIDAY Wing Night with entertainment by the Sean Bourke Band.  Wings are served from 5:30 p.m – 9:30 p.m,  ALL children must be gone by 9 p.m.  Entertainment begins at 8 p.m free of charge.  Please note the upper bar will now be closed at 9 p.m on a wing nights.  The Legion is run by volunteers, especially on a wing night.  We ask that you please clean up after yourselves and do not throw out the basket that the wings come in, they are to be placed on the trolley by the kitchen door and all empties get put in the boxes beside the bar.  Come join us this Sunday April 8th for our monthly breakfast.  It has been a very sad past week at the branch and for our town, with the loss of 4 great men.  Our condolences are extended to the Rodger’s (Netzke), Hill’s, Gray’s and Veteran Harry Milley’s families.  All of these men will be missed dearly.  Lest We Forget, ” Royal Canadian Legion Branch 220 President, Lesa Peat. (Above)

Below an archived Article On Veteran Harry Milley and Catherine on their 70th Wedding Anniversary from The Shelburne Freelancer Archives, www.shelburnefreelancerarchives.com

“Our Veterans are Canadian Heroes but also men and women who lived lives and sometimes it’s easy to see a face and forget that we daily interact with some people who walk among us, and forget these people fought for our freedom, fellow Canadians. Those Veterans who survived, returned to live lives they nurtured, raised families, had jobs, and more often than not came back home to their country with a relentless resolve and will to continue to serve the greater good with community fundraisers, joining Legions across the country.

Ridiculous and embarrassing to even imagine our worst day, kids acting up, stressing about money, and living our lives short tempered with the world, irritated that the line-up through a MacDonald’s drive through is taking so long, and never realizing a person holding a door open may be the very same person who left their life for our sake, risking life and limb so fellow Canadians could have this life we have and often forget to be grateful for. Veteran Harry Milley is one of many and he deserves to be remembered, because Canadians are grateful for the likes of him and others who stood beside him. Below are photos of Harry Milley and his family celebrating the Milley’s 70th Wedding Anniversary in 2015. This article is a tribute to Our Veterans who often returned home with clothes they had on their backs and had to rebuild their lives from nothing. Please note that by 2015, the Milley family were already four generations strong.

Shelburne is a unique and wonderful Town full of rich history, hardworking individuals, and heroes. This is my 5th year as a resident in Shelburne and in that time I have had the absolute honour of encountering so many wonderful people, allowing me to photograph and document moments thus allowing myself and the world to revisit moments, be a part of our own daily history and Shelburne’s story.  I’ve noticed some feel, perhaps because they are too familiar with their surroundings, that there is a lot to complain about and forget to see the proud history they come from and are a part of. Like our brave Veterans who faced the ultimate concept of change straight on, we can rely on that brave resolve to address our daily issues with courage, unity, and remember, it’s a simple message, just remember. Below are photos of the Milley family and it’s clear to see by love in every smile that life is fortunate, wonderful, and considering perspective, what we make it. Lest we forget. ” Alex Sher.

Below an archived Article On Veteran Harry Milley and Catherine on their 70th Wedding Anniversary from The Shelburne Freelancer Archives, www.shelburnefreelancerarchives.com

The Shelburne Freelancer       Wednesday, September 16, 2015

70 Years Of Wedded Bliss!

Harry & Catherine Milley & family, four generations strong!

Having met during the war, a young Canadian Soldier, Harry Milley found himself in Scotland where his eyes met the eyes of the bonny Scottish young woman, Catherine Ramsay. That moment in 1942 lead the couple to marry in 1945. Technically, Catherine could be referred to as a “War Bride”.

Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington was on hand, Sunday, September 13, 2015 to mark a momentous occasion presenting Harry and Catherine Milley with a Certificate from the Town Of Shelburne acknowledging their wonderful accomplishment.

The Honorable MP, David Tilson also payed a visit with a certificate he presented on behalf of the Province of Ontario.

This photograph generously provided by Sydnee Belford.

Fast forward to the year 2015 and the thriving Milley clan are four generations stronger than ever! “We had two boys and two girls,” Harry Milley commented,” and the family just grew.” When asked the secret to his marital success, very candidly, Milley commented, ” No secret to success, only secret- just getting old!”

Clearly the love that binds these two lovebirds together is so true, their love stands the test of time.

Congratulations to Harry & Catherine Milley on their 70th Wedding Anniversary.