Auto Centre Dufferin’s Donation & Friendly Challenge For Local Businesses

Watch The Heart Warming Video Of Shelburne’s Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Facility Receiving Wonderfully Thoughtful Donation From Auto Centre Dufferin. Donating a Joy For All Companion Pet by Habsro is a very unique donation. After seeing a story on the Pet donation featured in December on CTV, The Shelburne Freelancer, and The Shelburne Free Press, Steve Bowles, owner of Auto Centre Dufferin, thought it was a great idea and decided to donate a pet. Since the first anonymous donation, Dufferin Oaks have received a few more donated Companion Pets, but in truth, could use more.

The idea of Habso’s Companion Pet is to provide comfort and companionship with these sound activated, motion censored, animated animals, but the response far exceeded expectations of the design as those who interact with the pet, experience a wide range of emotions, recalled memories and calm. Wonderful for those who live on their own or live somewhere pets are not allowed and would like a little company from a pet without all the bother of responsibility, the Habsro Companion Pet will never tire, lash out, make mess, and is always willing to be near. The animatronic cats and puppies produce life like animal sounds, purring and barking, which can be turned to mute if desired. When the cat purrs, one can feel the vibration and the dog actually produces a heart beat sound which feels much like a real puppy. The fur on both cat and dog is very soft and lifelike as well providing a unique experience.

Click image above for video of donation. Many people who live with the onset of Dementia and are aware they are not interacting with a live animal love and respond very well the wonder of the toy which is  so lifelike and take tremendous comfort in that interaction. Perhaps key to remember is the amount of care required for those who live with Dementia and Alzheimers and it’s been discovered that many, psychologically are doing better with the concept of “taking care” and “giving comfort” to a pet. At any one person’s point in life, the feeling of being needed and having a purpose is essential. The Hasbro Companion Pet seems to fill in the emotional gap in a very respectful, caring way that provides an interactive experience of joy.

Auto Centre Dufferin’s Owner Steve Bowles issued a friendly challenge to other local businesses upon seeing the wonderful response his donation made and hopes a trend of other donations will soon follow.  Program Support Co-ordinator, Angie Matthews expressed gratitude for the donation as funds are not provided for such things and without donations, the gifts of companion pets would not be possible.

Auto Centre Dufferin General Manager, Patricia Hunt found the donation experience very moving commenting,”I thought it was very rewarding to see the happiness, so much excitement and joy that the Companion Pet brought. To see the reaction, really melted my heart.” Click here for video.

(Above:LtoR) Angie Mathews, Dufferin Oaks Care Facility, Program Support Coordinator, Auto Centre Dufferin Owner, Steve Bowles, Auto Centre Dufferin General Manager, Patricia Hunt and Special Guest, Resident Shirley.

Be sure to check out Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pets Website.