Town Council & Suggestion To Look Into Shelburne Police Services Merging With Orangeville

INSIDE Shelburne Town Council Meeting held Monday, April 9, 2018.

Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington began the Council meeting on a somber note taking a moment of silence in support of Humboldt Broncos and the tragedy they faced following the deaths of 14 hockey players. From one hockey community to another, the Mayor shared grief and expressed solidarity with fellow Canadians and Hockey players and their families during such an overwhelmingly difficult loss and incomprehensible situation. Click for exclusive video to hear Shelburne Mayor’s heartfelt message. 


Shelburne Resident Alec Coles attended Council expressed grave concerns regarding new development proposed at 603 Main St. East where he and his neighbours currently reside. Coles’c concerns did not fall on deaf ears as Councillors listened intently and will take these concerns into consideration. Coles’ concerns range from overcrowding, flooding, entering and exiting safety and the overall look of the development which Coles feels may affect the look and feel of Shelburne as a Town. (Above: Alec Coles) (Below: LtoR)Councillor Chambers, Councillor Anderson, Mayor Ken Bennington, Councillor Sample, Councillor Mills,Councillor Benotto, Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop.

Chair of the Shelburne Police Board, Len Mikulich (below)approached Council with a resolution requesting Council consider amalgamation talks with the Orangeville Police Services Board and begin acquiring facts involving the issue. The request comes at a precarious time as Shelburne Town Council is currently awaiting an OPP Police Costing (basically a quote from OPP revealing the cost to Shelburne to “lease ” OPP Services in the event of terminating Shelburne Police Services). The ongoing discussion surrounding the OPP Costing involves Shelburne Town Council acquiring all information available, surrounding their upcoming decisions involving several versions of a future for Shelburne Police Services. How  expensive is it to lease OPP and what services can we expect? These questions are weighed against the idea of a new Shelburne Police Station, a renovated Police station, ending the Shelburne Police Service, or is Shelburne ready to commit to their own Police Service as many Towns growing at escalated speeds have done. The issue is of course more complicated than that and involves costs of shutting down a police station, payouts, legalities, more costs. Starting a new service is very expensive and not likely completely seamless. Chair of Shelburne Police Services Board speaks below.

The Police Services Board are completely and legally entitled to follow any line of inquiry on their own and are not held to same legal requirements as the Town of Shelburne. The Town of Shelburne currently involved with the OPP costing opted to await the results of that costing and suggested they would look at the amalgamation with Orangeville possibly in future. Click here for interview with Mayor Bennington following the Council meeting explaining Council’s decision on the Shelburne Police Board Services resolution request. 

A report from the Public Works delivered by Jim Moss (Below) Director, Development & Operations regarding a valve exerciser and the implementation of the valve exercise program.  This report was carried and it was decided that the valve exercise program would save money for taxpayers. Below is a brief recorded account of the report by Moss.

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