Shelburne Town Pharmacy Gears Up For Their 4th Annual Fundraiser In Support of Sick Kids Hospital

Shelburne Town Pharmacy owner, Sanjay Lekhi is extremely excited about the upcoming Annual Fundraiser In Support of Sick Kids Hospital. Originally, the Lekhi family started the fundraiser hoping to do some good raising money for Sick Kids Hospital while involving the Shelburne community in a gathering for fun, family time and entertainment. The Annual Fundraiser has evolved into what can only be referred to as an EVENT, and each year, the Shelburne community not only takes part but helps to organize, proving just how important Sick Kids Hospital is and also the concept of “giving back” is felt by so many who have been touched by a hospital unparalleled in it’s own contribution to saving lives and doing everything it can to better the quality of life for so many. Each year, Shelburne Town Pharmacy with the help of the Shelburne Community raises thousands of dollars in support of Sick Kids Hospital. The 4th Annual Fundraising Event offers, entertainment, fun and a coming together in support of a worthy cause many adults can claim to have benefited from as children themselves. Mark your calendars and plan to attend!