4th Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (4 RCR) Change of Command Parade Held On May 5, 2018 At The Wolseley Barracks In London, On., A Sight To Behold!

4th Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment (4 RCR) Change of Command Parade held on May 5, 2018 at the Wolseley Barracks in London, ON, where 1st Battalion the Royal Canadian Regiment battlegroup (1 RCR BG), was a sight to behold.

A Rich History , 4th Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment (4 RCR) is a Primary Reserve Infantry unit based in London and Stratford, Ont. The RCR was founded on December 21, 1883 as Canada’s first truly-professional regiment of infantry and has fought gallantly in every conflict Canada has been involved in. 4 RCR, specifically, has drawn its soldiers from the London, Woodstock and Stratford area for more than 150 years.

June 2018 Deployment To Latvia

The 1 RCR BG, comprised of approximately 200 soldiers from 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Petawawa and all across Canada, will be deploying to Latvia in June 2018 on Operation REASSURANCE, Canada’s contribution to NATOassurance and deterrence measures to reinforce collective defence and show the strength of Allied solidarity.

The 1 RCR BG conducted Exercise LACPLESIS PURSUIT, an outreach and presence exercise in Ontario that saw the BG in London on May 5th where it observed 4 RCR’s Change of Command Parade.  

For more information contact, Sub-Lieutenant Andrew McLaughlin, Public Affairs Officer, 31 Canadian Brigade Group, at  519-854-8697 or email  Andrew.McLaughlin@forces.gc.ca .



The above media release and images generously provided by Sub-Lieutenant Andrew McLaughlin, Public affairs Officer, 31 Canadian Brigade Group.