Shelburnite & WWII Veteran Steve Chamula Celebrates 97th Birthday!

During their weekly meeting at the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 220, held on Wednesday mornings,  local Veterans meet and discuss current events, news regarding veterans, updates on charitable endevours and important issues facing Canadians across the country. On Wednesday, May 9th, the group also celebrated their dear friend and member, as WWII Veteran Steve Chamula turned 97 years young!
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(Above)This photograph taken by Alex Sher is a photograph of a photograph. A very young Steve Chamula looks far to young to be risking his life to save his new country, Canada.

Below a brief history featuring WWII Veteran Steve Chamula from archived article on found on the Shelburne Legion page. Click here.
The Shelburne Freelancer                                                                 Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WWII Veteran Steve Chamula

Receives Gift From Quilts Of Valour

Soon to be 94 years old, Steve Chamula is the oldest WII Veteran member of the Legion 220 Branch.The  WWII Veteran received his hand made quilt from Quilts of Valour delivered to his home in honour of his commitment and service to his country. (L to R) Quilts of Valour members,Hazel Keating and Diane Johnston delivered the quilt to Chamula, made by Quilts of Valour members,Connie Waterhouse and Judy McLeod.  Chamula who was very surprised, graciously commenting, “I’ve seen them around but I wasn’t expecting this surprise. I’ll never forget this day for the rest of my life!”

Chamula by all accounts is a humble man, was born May 6th, 1921 in the Town of Detva, Czechoslovakia, Chamula and can clearly remember a time when the world’s geography took on massive changes as new countries were created following WWI. Chamula recalls it was at this time many found the need to leave countries, their former homeland that no longer existed to finding work in Canada and in the United States.

“I wasn’t a Canadian Citizen and I was accepted in 1943 when I enlisted in the Canadian Military Service in Toronto.  From the Horse Palace in Toronto, I was sent to Brantford for Basic training, then onto Camp Borden for advance training, then onto Nova Scotia, and finally onto Halifax. We boarded a troop ship, the Mauritania, not a cruise ship, and crossed the Atlantic jigy-gagging all the way to Glasgow Scotland. We took a train ride south to Aldershot, old Barrack in England, and in 1947 we sailed to Naples Italy in time for Mount Vesuvius to erupt 2–3 weeks after we arrived.

We ended up in the First Canadian division, red shoulder patch, and became the 48th Highlanders of Canada Toronto Infantry Regiment fighting on the Adriatic side of Italy. Canadian troops left the Italian front in spring of 1945 to join the Canadian Army in North West Europe. The war ended may 1945. I volunteered to stay in the occupation forces in Germany with the Queen’s On Rifles Regiment for about six months, was discharged from Military Service and became a civilian in Canada once Again in 1946.”

Veteran Steve Chamula took  part in Legion’s Project  in 2014 where Books of Recognition were published. Legion Second, Linda Orvis gathered the Veteran’s accounts of their careers. For more information, contact  Shelburne Legion 220 Branch, call 519 925-3800.

If you know a WWII Veteran who hasn’t been added to the Quilts of Valour List of those to receive their ‘Thank you ‘ gift,contact Judy McLeod at 519-216-7575.

This photograph taken by Alex Sher is a photograph of a photograph. A very young

Steve Chamula looks far to young to be risking his life to save his new country, Canada.

WWII Veteran Steve Chamula leans in to read his personalized label from Quilts of Valour members, Hazel Keating and Diane Johnston.

Chamula was deeply moved by the generous “Thank You” gift and sincerely appreciative to be remembered.