Centennial Hylands Elementary School’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Centennial Hylands Elementary School celebrated a milestone in both education and community relationships marking their 50th Anniversary . Principal Tammy Fleming addressed and welcomed the audience who were treated to alumni photo displays, historical black and white, one room school houses from the area,” a Who Am I ? ” photo display of former students who later became staff, entertainment from students and pizza! A wonderful trip down memory lane commemorating a rich history as The Shelburne community grew. Many of the black and white photographs of schools were notably closed as schools amalgamated due to student demand and population growth centering more in one community direction than another. Fascinating to walk the halls filled with nostalgia for attendees who were former students, teachers, parents, and current students. Congratulations to Centennial Hylands 50 Years Strong!

Below featured photographic displays that welcomed attendees.