Proposal To Sell Shelburne’s Fiddle Park Lands! Will The Proposal Pass?

In a media release issued from Shelburne Town Council following the May 14th Town Council Meeting, Shelburne’s Fiddle Park, had been deemed surplus land available for sale. The locally well known park has long time been the venue for annually celebrated community events and the news will undoubtedly come as a surprise to residents and community clubs and groups who have spent years raising money for the now relied upon pole barn proudly sitting in it’s current location. With a reported purchase price of  somewhere over 7 million dollars, questions are being raised as to the actual advantages of such a sale. With time of the essence, the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is scheduled to be further considered on Monday, June 4, 2018.  The Shelburne community can ask questions & submit written letters to the Town by contacting Shelburne’s Town Clerk, Jennifer Willoughby until June 1 at 2 p.m. as contact information is listed below.

On a side note, the Town of Shelburne has been looking into Shelburne’s future growth assuming families with children will need schooling and have pursued information from Upper Grand District School Board. During the Town Council Meeting of May 14th, a resolution was passed inviting Manager of Planning of UGDSB, Jennifer Passy to Town Council and together explore options for future possible schools to be allocated to the Town of Shelburne. (As seen below) For more information, visit the Town of Shelburne Website.

Below Press Release Issued By The Town Of Shelburne

Declaration of Surplus Land
The Town of Shelburne Council by resolution deemed Fiddle Park to be surplus land on May 14,
2018. As required by the Town’s Land Sale Procedural By-Law #7-1995 notice must be given to
the public of the proposed sale. The declaration of surplus land and notice of intent to sell, dated
May 14, 2018, is available on the Town’s website
The Town has negotiated the terms of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with a developer for the
surplus lands. The purchase price is in excess of $7 million. The Agreement of Purchase and Sale is
scheduled to be confirmed by Council on Monday, June 4, 2018.
A general map is attached showing Fiddle Park has an area of approximately 114.5 acres and is
comprised of lands that are designated:
 Natural Environment or approximately 83.5 acres
 Special Tourism or approximately 31 acres.
Residential development is proposed on only the Special Tourism lands which are approximately
31 acres. Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, the developer will
rededicate the approximately 83.5 acres of natural woodlot to the north and south of the Fiddle
Park area back to the Town of Shelburne. The approximately 83.5 acres of land will remain Town
owned and remain natural wooded areas for community use.
Re-Investment Back in Our Community
The sale of lands will provide significant revenues to the Town of Shelburne. As Council directed
on May 14, 2018, the Town anticipates reinvesting the proceeds back in the community within
two key areas:
1. Community recreation, parks and trail services and related infrastructure
2. Infrastructure projects including the water pollution control plant (WPCP), sanitary and
water servicing
Community Use and Special Events in the Park
The Town will continue to schedule, and issue permits for community use and special events in the
park until approximately September 1, 2019. Alternative park locations for events to be held
after September 2019 will be reviewed and recommended.
Funding Partner Contributions
The Town of Shelburne also recognizes and appreciates the original contributions made to Fiddle
Park by the following organizations:
• Lions Club $25,000
• Rotary Club $25,000
• Kinettes Club $25,000
• Legion $10,000
• Fair Board $10,000
The Town looks forward to working with all these organizations to either:
• Rededicate their original contributions to support future costs of our parks and recreation
community projects; or
• Refund 100% their original investment.
Pickin’ In the Park: Contributions to the Pole Barn
The contributions of “Pickin’ in the Park” and the dedication of the organizers of this annual event
is recognized and appreciated. A significant donation commitment of $125,000 was made to
erect the Pole Barn. To date $106,250 of that commitment has been received. It is possible to
relocate the Pole Barn. The review of which Town owned park or facility the Pole Barn could
potentially be relocated to, will be evaluated. This process will include community consultation.
The Town looks forward to working with the organizers of “Pickin’ in the Park” to:
• Redirect their donation to date of $106,250 to support future costs of our parks
and recreation community projects
Mayor Ken Bennington Denyse Morrissey, CAO
Email: Email:
Phone: 519 217 9472 Phone: 519 925-2600 ext. 226