Heartfelt Letter To The Editor Regarding Fiddle Park Sale

“I have felt a lot of different emotions in the last 24 hours.   Anger, fear, loss, heartbreak, devastation, betrayal.

It might sound a bit extreme, but I have invested an incredible amount of time and energy, and even more heart and soul into Fiddle Park and its events.

As a past Shelburne Kinette, an employee of Greg and Heather Holmes, a member of the Heritage Music festival committee, the Canada Day committee, long time friend to the Egan family,  active Legion member, and co creator to Shelbrrr fest, It really does hit home.

What is home?  Home is a safe place.  A place you can trust and know.  A place you love. MY home town is proving to change and grow so rapidly it is difficult to keep up.  The traditions and heritage of this place is being taken from us unceremoniously, regardless of the community efforts to keep it alive.

For all of us service groups, community groups and families who have put the time, effort money and heart into this town the most prominent feeling I feel is betrayal.

For all of the money, time and effort put into Fiddle park by the Service clubs, community groups and families such as the Holmes, to have to read about this on Facebook???  Is our town being run by teenagers? A email slightly before the post might have been a little bit more on the adult and moral side.

Blindsided.   I understand the town is in its legal rights to sell the property.  But to do it behind closed doors with absolutely no warning or common courtesy?   I do read the council minutes, I do pay attention to the runnings of this town. I do care even when big things are not happening. I definitely understand there are costs to keeping up with the growth.  Why in the past 5 plus developers purchases have visible improvements not been made? Why have these developers not been held to their empty promises? Where exactly are all of these new home owners taxes going?

I am astonished that it was a unanimous vote.  Not one individual on the council stood up for the people of this town as Tom Egan would have done.  Yet it is his memorial tree and plaque you created just last week that stands the chance of being uprooted.

This is MY home town.  I used to be so proud of that fact.  I am sadly disgusted with this decision and how it is being handled by the people I trusted with my vote.

‘A people place, a change of pace’ Really???  Not with choices like these. ‘Let’s pave Paradise and put up a parking lot’ feels more accurate.   Or it would if there was anywhere to park in our downtown core to shop locally!

You have finally stripped the last of the ‘Small town feel’ We have been desperately been holding on to.   It used to be a place where we all knew everyone. Now you are taking away the last good venue we had for community events to meet our new people. Fix what needs to be fixed and don’t fix what isn’t broken.

This will hurt Shelburne, its people, community and service organizations.  My heart goes out to everyone who has made an effort to better this town, but especially to the Egan and Holmes families who have put so much of their lives and families, sometimes to the point of sacrifice, into our town and our Fiddle Park, just to have it stripped so suddenly and harshly away.

Thank you for taking the last piece of spirit left in this town away.  I am heartbroken and disappointed in your decision and how you handled it.

From the heart,

Nikki Williams. “