Primrose Quiet Garden Day Is Fast Approaching!

Primrose Quiet Garden Day
Sunday June 24th
1 – 4 pm
Spend a quiet Sunday afternoon discovering the June garden and
serenity circle at the Primrose Meditation Garden.
Explore the spiritual practice of attentiveness in yoga, meditative walking,
flower arranging, and mindfulness meditation with:
Alex Leikermoser – hands on breathing and gentle yoga inspired movement
Kerstin Stinson – flower arranging as spiritual practice
Rev. LeeAnn McKenna – walking as a practice of presence
Rev. Dr. Candice Bist – mindfulness practice as attentiveness
Light Refreshments
Tickets $10 Primrose United Church
is located on the 30th side road just east of Highway 10
As our North American culture continues to escalate in noise levels and the frantic pursuit of
‘more’, there is simultaneously a counter movement towards silence and contemplative practices.
In the medical field, we are learning how important it is for our health to spend time in quietness
and rejuvenation. Neuroscientists are encouraging us to spend deliberate time nurturing our para
sympathetic nervous system – the ‘rest and digest’ system that should be our resting place, but so
often is not. And the perennial philosophies have long exorted us to spend time developing our
reflective nature so we may live from a more grounded place in service to others.
And right here in the small hamlet of Primrose, as part of the Primrose United Church, is a lovely
little meditation garden offered to the public to use in any way that would help with this counter
movement concerned with mindfulness and attentive practices.
Last year, Primrose United Church, offered the community a meditative garden tour for the
afternoon. This year, it offers, on site at their meditation garden, an afternoon to learn, and
practice, mindfulness in various forms.
Join yoga and healthy lifestyle expert Alex Leikermoser of for a few minutes to
pause, breathe and take some time out of your day. Alex will be offering a 15 minute hands on
breathing and gentle yoga inspired movement session. Alex has been a leader in the
sustainability and wellness movement. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of meditation,
yoga and nutrition to inspire others to find their own optimum health and balance.
Kerstin Stinson is a gifted floral arranger and gardener. She will be on hand to guide those who
wish to make flower bouquets to take home with them. Flower arranging as a spiritual practice
offers us beauty, gratitude, and generosity for our consideration.
Rev. LeeAnn McKenna, who last year hosted the community at the labyrinth on her country
property, will be teaching walking meditation in the serenity circle. If you would like to know
something about this wonderful practice, you can have a look at this video with Thich Nhat
Hanh, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Buddhist teacher of mindful practices.
Rev. Dr. Candice Bist, will be offering some simple teaching on the importance of incorporating
spiritual practices into our daily lives, and how any activity, with the right focus, can offer us
peacefulness and rest. She will be teaching particularly on the practice of mindfulness as
developed by Jon Kabat Zinn. and
Light refreshments, reading materials, and note cards will be offered for your pleasure. The
Primrose Meditation garden is offered to you at all times for your own use. But this particular
afternoon, you may wish to come by for a quiet cup of tea, a place to read and reflect, and learn
new ways to bring mindful activities into your daily life. We will so look forward to welcoming
Tickets are $10 and available at the Shelburne Library, Trinity United Church, 200 Owen Sound
Street, I.D.A Pharmacy, Shelburne, or from members of Primrose United Church as well as on
site on the 24th. You can visit us on our website:
The ticket price goes to the maintaining of our garden.
The Primrose United Church’s meditation garden and serenity circle are part of the Quiet
Garden International Movement. Gardens all over the world set time and space aside to
provide venues for contemplation. and we are delighted to be part of this world-wide collection
of ‘quiet gardens.’
It is the hope and prayer of Primrose United Church that the Primrose Meditation Garden will be
well used as a place of beauty and quiet space for people of all faiths and spiritual inclinations.
May grace abide with us all.
Primrose Quiet Garden Day
Sunday June 24th
1 – 4 pm
Tickets $10 Primrose United Church
is located on the 30th side road just east of Highway 10

The above Media Release provided by event organizers.