Shelburne Police Warn Public About Bank & Computer Scams

Shelburne Police Service warns the public about bank and computer scams


The Shelburne Police Service has received several calls regarding citizens being contacted by a person claiming to be an employee of a financial institution’s security services.  This person has requested log in information, passwords and personal information. In one instance they even obtained remote access to a personal computer.   Fortunately, everyone contacted by this person has realized that they are not an employee of any financial institution and ended the communication.

The Shelburne Police Service would like to remind citizens that your financial institution will never require you to divulge personal information or passwords over the telephone. It is a good idea to change your passwords frequently.  If you feel that your banking information has been compromised you should attend your local branch or contact your financial institution by telephone.


The Shelburne Police Service has also been made aware of several ongoing scams involving computer technical support.  In these particular scams, the caller identifies themselves as a representative of a software company.  These very experienced scammers have convinced people to give them remote access to their computers, in turn giving the scammer access to a multitude of personal information.

It is important to know that your software company will never initiate contact with you via telephone or email regarding your software or request personal information.  All contact is initiated by the customer.

If you feel that you have had your computer compromised it is best to take it to a trusted tech support service.

This link provides information on the Microsoft scam in particular, but is relevant to any tech support scam.

The Above Media Release provide by Shelburne Police Services Media Relations Officer, Constable Jennifer Roach.