Glenbrook Elementary, The Students, The Hair Cuts, Over $4200 Raised In The Fight Against Cancer & The Young Girl Who Started It All

Shelburnite, Viola Brown at age five, without permission cut her hair to give it to a boy who didn’t have any because he was receiving Cancer Treatment. Now almost 10 years old, with caring parents and support of family, friends, school and community support, Viola has created an annual Hair Cutting Event at her school, this year raising over $4200! Click here for video. 

    “Viola Brown, a Grade 5 student at Glenbrook Elementary School in Shelburne has inspired an annual hair donation and fundraising event for staff, students, and members of the community called Glenbrook Gives. The 5th Annual Glenbrook Gives event was held Friday, June 1st, 2018 at 11:20am in the Gym. Staff, students, and family members shaved their heads, or donated their long-locks to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love programs; both of which make and give real-hair wigs to women and girls who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

    Over the past few weeks, Glenbrook families have been donating funds in support of the staff and students who were shaving or donating their hair this year. All of the money that has been raised goes towards improving the cancer treatment center at Headwater’s Hospital in Orangeville. Nicole Hand from the Headwaters Health Care Foundation was at the event to receive a cheque made out to Headwater’s Hospital for $4227! She was pleased to announce that Glenbrook Elementary School had raised over $10,000 for Headwater’s Health Care Foundation over the past 5 years, and that “Glenbrook Gives” was being added to the hospital’s Donor Wall!
    Here is a list of this year’s staff and students who helped Headwater’s Hospital to expand their oncology unit and treat cancer patients from within our local communities. Many of the hair buzzers and donors have expressed their personal ties to the event; having loved ones who are currently battling cancer, loved ones who have survived or lost their battle with cancer in the past, or loved ones who have been the recipients of real-hair wigs after having undergone chemotherapy.
This year’s 5th Annual Glenbrook Gives event was coordinated by Viola Brown (Grade 5 student) with help from Glenbrook staff members: Faye O’Connor, Tami Bye, Jen Lange, Crystal Duern, Katherine Horsely, Tobyn Londos, and Heather Mavins.
This year’s generous hair donors (8 to 18 inches) were: Amy Whitford (Grade 2/3 teacher), Aynsley Whitehouse (Grade 6 teacher), Brittney Bartlett (Intermediate French teacher), Sofia Lindsay (JK), Harper McHughan (JK), Paisley Parr (JK), Alyssa Gardner (Grade 1), Brooke Bursey (Grade 1), Vienna Brown (sister of Viola Brown, Grade 2), Mikayla Capello (Grade 3), Emily Dopson (Grade 3), Sammy Bolger (Grade 3; 12 inches!), Ashlyn May (Grade 4), Viola Brown (Grade 5; 18 inches!), Madison Gray (Grade 6), Bailey Parr (Grade 7), and Jiya Deol (Grade 8).
The staff and students who have selflessly buzzed their hair off in support of our event are: Viola Brown (Grade 5), Brian Brown (Viola’s father), Jen Lange (Educational Assistant), Brett Long (Grade 4 teacher), Robert Henry (Special Education teacher), Todd Schooley (Junior French teacher), Matthew Hamilton (Grade 7/8 teacher), Jasper Marshall (SK), Kash O’Brien (SK), Dax O’Brien (Grade 2), Greyson Weatherall (JK), Owen Dolmer (Grade 1), Ashton Steis (Grade 1), Zach Thompson (Grade 2), Stevie Brake (Grade 2), Damon Kamenski (Grade 2), Hudson O’Brien (Grade 4), and Ryder Hare (Grade 5). A whopping 34 participants!
Special thanks goes out to Drew Clarke from Lemon & Ginger Hair Salon, as well as Glenda Keeping and Casey Dolmer from Changes Hair Studio in Shelburne. These 3 fabulous hair-stylists attended the Glenbrook Gives event to make sure all hair-donors received professional hair-cuts and looked fantastic after donating! 🙂

A final heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the Glenbrook Community for contributing to the success of this event each year! It’s with your generosity that our staff and students can help fund the treatment of cancer patients at Headwater’s Hospital, and create real-hair wigs for women and girls who have lost their hair during cancer treatment. “Glenbrook Gives” so very much!!”, Faye O’Connor, Kindergarden Teacher, Glenbrook Elementary.

Click here to see how it all got started. Viola Brown at five years old in an exclusive and very sweet video.

Below, photos of the many young local heroes and others who helped make the event possible.



Above: The little girl with the bow in her hair is a friend indeed and also a hero for supporting her friend in her goal to cut her hair in the fight against Cancer. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes! This is clearly a case of of courage and those who believe in each other can exact change. Bravo kids! Setting examples for the world to follow!