Auto Centre Dufferin Country’s 20 Year Milestone Achievement & The First Recipient of Recognition From Dufferin County

Steve Bowles, Owner of Auto Centre Dufferin County commemorated and celebrated a well earned milestone recently. Friday, June 1st marked a twenty year anniversary for the business which is well known having reached iconic status in the community of Shelburne as well as being home to Country 105. Bowles, humble in nature attributes his success to his team of employees over the years who be believes are the reason his future looks very bright. Bowles has been a mentor of sorts, even inspiring former employees to become businesses of their own over the years and feels very grateful to all he has come to know. Friends, family, community members gathered for the momentous occasion and Bowles was presented a 20th Anniversary commemorative plaque of accomplishment by Warden of Dufferin county and Mayor of Mulmur, Paul Mills. Shelburne Councillor Wade Mills also presented a commerative achievement certificate to Bowles on behalf of the Town Of Shelburne and former Shelburne Mayor, Ed Crewson, was on hand to say a few words. Couldn’t attend the ceremony and festivities, catch it here in this exclusive video. Be sure to subscribe. It’s easy and it’s free. 

“Congratulations To Auto Centre Dufferin County! All the best towards continued success and a bright future!”, Alex McLellan, The Shelburne Freelancer.

(Above:LtoR) Steve Bolwes, Owner of Auto Centre Dufferin County and Shelburne Councillor, Wade Mills.

(Above:LtoR) Owner of Auto Centre Dufferin County and Warden of Dufferin County and Mayor Of Mulmur, Paul Mills.

(Above: LtoR) Steve Bowles, Owner of Auto Centre Dufferin County and Former Mayor Of Shelburne, Ed Crewson.

For more information contact Auto Centre Dufferin’s website featured below. Click here or on the image below