From Shelburne To Humboldt Families With Love!See The Video!

An unfathomable tragedy occurred to the families of Humboldt Bronco Hockey players during a travel bus tragedy recently where 15 young men lost their lives and many were injured and as a result, lives were instantly changed forever. Being in a hockey community, the bond formed through this sport in particular is fierce and experienced countrywide. As such this horrific experience of loss was felt across Canada and reached as far as our small community of Shelburne. Inspired to reach out, provide some sense of empathy, sympathy and most of all send a very clear message that these families are not alone in their grief, three local women business women decided to provide a sense of comfort the best way they knew how and an idea was formed. Click here for video and please be sure to subscribe. It’s Easy and it’s free!

(LtoR)Together, Brenda Haines, owner of the Shelburne Transporter purchased fabric, Jade Snell, owner of Made By Jade(professional blanket creator), tied the blankets and Nicolle Bradshaw owner of Cuddle Bears Boutique, embroidered the Humboldt bronco team logo with the names of each of the Team players, creating a wonderful and sentimental keepsake for each player. The project took over 29 hours of embroidery and over a month of assembly and now the three very special Shelburnites will begin the second portion of their journey and send the beautiful blankets off to those who share an unbreakable bond with virtual strangers who are now friends from far away. As a special personalized touch, getting to the heart of the matter, each crest(logo) and name were placed on the top left strategically so that when the blanket is on it is at the heart.

One of the very first things humans experience in life is a blanket. The phenomenal understanding of what a blanket means to people is an experience universally shared across the planet. Comfort, safety, protection, and the emotional bond, are just a few of the aspects these blankets will undoubtedly mean to the families who receive them. Three women who became emotionally tied to others in the wake of tragedy, an idea to send comfort, a ton of work, and an inexplicable desire for good, and the result is a wonderful act of kindness that can travel making the world a better place and a lot smaller.