Shelburne Roads Widened Bracing For Increased Traffic Along Highway 124 As Development Begins

Shelburne, Preparing For Change

As the Fieldgate development on Hwy 124/10 commences with the first stages of the build, Shelburne will experience changes to traffic and patience will be a virtue as well as preparing for wait times. In attempt to affect Shelburne traffic with as few wait times as possible, Council came up with a plan.

Heading into Shelburne along Highway 124, drivers will notice a widened section of the roadway. Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington explains. “A temporary left turn lane was installed in preparation for all the dump trucks, as the proponents begin the site alteration of the commercial development.” An already very busy portion of highway is expecting many trucks to be making their way into the development each day. CAO, Denyse Morrissey commented, “The development will have 10 trailer trucks at 7 trips per day for the total of 70 truck loads or 1400 m3 per day of material.”

Combined with the number of transports that stop on the side of each road as they park and grab coffee from Tim Hortons, this portion of highway may prove very congested as summer traffic into Collingwood will most certainly increase. Placing Pylons on the roadside is intended to discourage pedestrian traffic along the highway as Council attempts to increase safety measures. Sidewalks have been an ongoing request from residents and as the new development moves forward on Hwy 124, an even greater need for the installation of sidewalks extending from the first set of traffic lights at Hwy 124/10 to the traffic lights entering Wansburgh Way, located at the development community will most likely become a ticket item of consideration for Town Council. As this is an election year, those who find themselves re-elected and elected, will have very big decisions facing them as far as future development in Shelburne is concerned. Noteworthy, as populations reach certain levels, government stipulations and legislative requirements will have to be both met and followed.

In light of the controversial move by Shelburne Town Council to consider the proposed sale of Shelburne’s Historic Fiddle Park, many residents are expressing safety concerns at the intersection of Hwy 124/10. As the Ministry of Transportation refuses to grant an advanced green following the Town of Shelburne’s repeated requests, increased traffic required to build the development in addition to the potential  housing development of Fiddle Park, traffic congestion seems to be Shelburne’s new “Normal.”