INSIDE Shelburne Town Council, Meeting of Monday, July 9, 2018 & Bennington Bombshell Withdrawal For Re-Election

Before the Monday night Council meeting even began, those who are familiar with facebook acknowledged the “Bennington Bombshell” where Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington posted his withdrawal for Mayoral Candidacy in the upcoming 2018 Elections. Video coverage following the meeting revealed Bennington’s careful thought over the matter and with several months to pass before the election and staff turnover, there is still plenty of time for others to consider their bid for positions on Council. Closing date for all those interested in running in the upcoming elections is July 27, 2018.

Election information including a list of candidates throwing their hats in to run can be found on the Town Of Shelburne Website. As it stands right now, Bennington is out, while current Councillor, Wade Mills has thrown his hat in running for Mayor, Councillor Dan Sample is running for Deputy Mayor, Councillor Steve Anderson running Deputy Mayor. Councillor’s Benotto and Deputy Mayor Dunlop would not confirm or deny their decision to run or not and Councillor Randy Chambers is a firm, NO! After serving for over two decades, Chambers’ dedicated service will be greatly missed. With a mind like a steel trap and keen attention to all monetary facts and concerns, coupled with a historical background that cannot be replaced, new Council members will have very large shoes to fill. Often times, a thankless job occupying a significant portion of a person’s personal life, this Councillor will be missed however, now retired, can truly enjoy his well earned and greatly deserved, “free time” with friends and family at his own leisure following the 2018 Election.

As Video is not yet permitted at Shelburne Council Meetings, Audio is and so follows below are video clips and photographs so the Shelburne Freelancer viewers can follow along.

Above:(LtoR)Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop, Councillor Randy Chambers and Councillor Walter Benotto.

Regular Council Meeting heard three delegations. First up, Headwaters Health care Centre’s CEO, Stacey Daub.

Above(LtoR) Headwaters Health Care Centre, CEO Stacey Daub, Headwaters Health Care Centre Senior Comminucations & Stakeholder Engagement Partner, Jennifer Hamilton. 

Above(LtoR) Louise Kindree Headwaters Healthcare Centre Board Executive Chair, and Ken Topping Headwaters Health Care Centre, Board of Directors . Photos below review the presentation by Stacey Daub.

The second delegation to present to Council was a presentation from Karisa Downey (below)of the County of Dufferin Economic Development Plan explaining their role to all County Municipalities.

Carol Maitland, Shelburne’s Economic Development and Marketing Coordinator provided her report as the third party in the delegations to present to Council and provided overview regarding Shelburne’s BIA, (Business Improvement Area) mentioning several new businesses have come to Shelburne recently.

After a thirty minute closed session meeting, Council continued with CAO, Denyse Morrissey’s (below) report on her findings with regards to sanitary serving updates surrounding 501/503 Owen Sound Street, property’s owned by the Lemke family. After much time and effort was spent looking into the matter Council came to the decision that the property’s were the problem of the owners and Council will not pay using tax payers money to correct an ongoing sewer installation issue that took place decades ago citing that like all new developers sewer is the developer’s responsibility financially with regards to installation costs.

Shelburne Town Planner Steve Wever (LtoR) presented his report on the hauling routes transports will be taking during Shelburne’s busy summer of development by Tribute Communities and Fieldg

ate. Hyland Village developer for Tribute Communities, Frank Zadoronzniac was pleased with the results.