Shelburne Police Report 72 Traffic Related Charges Laid Over Long Weekend

Shelburne Police Service Had Busy Long Weekend


The Shelburne Police Service had a busy Civic Holiday long weekend on the roads.  As well as dealing with many calls for service, Shelburne police laid 72 traffic related charges as well as an assault charge.

The charges are as follows:

38 – Speeding

11 – Red light – fail to stop
6 – Fail to surrender insurance card

3 – Disobey sign

2 – Disobey stop sign – fail to stop

1 – Drive without proper headlights – motor vehicle
1 – Driver fail to surrender licence

1 – Class G1 licence holder – unaccompanied by qualified driver

1 – Fail to surrender permit for motor vehicle

1 – Drive while child passenger nor properly secured

1 – Passenger – fail to properly wear seat belt

1 – Fail to slow down and proceed with caution for emergency vehicle

1 – Fail to report accident

1 – Being intoxicated in public place

1 – Prohibited heavy traffic operation

1 – Driving while under suspension

1 – Assault


The Shelburne Police Service encourages safe driving practices, as well as, the importance of wearing seatbelts and ensuring that children are fastened in car seats properly.  Seatbelts save lives and it is mandatory for everyone to wear them.