Shelburne Police Services Conducting Bicycle Patrols

Shelburne Police Service has revamped its bike patrols

The Shelburne Police Service is very excited to announce that it has revamped their use of bicycles on patrol.  Shelburne Police Chief Kent Moore stated that “I am very excited to be able to say that Shelburne police officers are conducting bicycle patrols again.  This is an important addition to our regular patrols as well as, an inexpensive but valuable benefit to our citizens”.

Bike patrols allow officers the ability to access areas that cannot be accessed by a patrol car as well, can be used for crime control initiatives.  Also, an officer on a bicycle is more easily approached by the public.

Pictured below is Police Constable, Ryan Hubbert on one of the Shelburne Police patrol bicycles.

The above media release and photo generously provided by Shelburne Police Services.