Shelburne Veterans Weekly Meetings

Shelburne Veterans Weekly Meetings held at Shelburne Legion Branch 220 each Wednesday morning are interesting, engaging and did we forget to mention fun? While stopping in at the meeting, The Shelburne Freelancer asked this important group what they thought about 3D Printing of Guns. Did they think it was a good idea or bad? Not surprising, the general consensus was a resounding, “NO!”. While 3D guns was just one of the questions discussed during the meeting, it was mentioned that a very important presentation was made to WWII Veteran, Steve Chamula just a couple weeks earlier at a previous meeting.

“John Boers, a Dutch military archivist presented WWII Veteran, Steve Chamula with a Medal of Remembrance to honour the important contribution of Veterans that participated in the Liberation of the Netherlands, the National Dutch Committee “Thank You Canada and Allied Forces” has minted a medal called “Medal of Remembrance in relation to the liberation of Holland”. You are eligible to receive this medal for your courageous participation in the liberation of the Netherlands. The commemorative medal is offered to you as a token of the sincere appreciation and lasting gratitude of the Dutch people for your wartime efforts, “commented Linda Bowman, Secretary of the Veteran’s weekly meetings.

The above paragraph and photos were very generously provided by Secretary of the Veterans’s Weekly meeting, Linda Bowman.

Below, Veteran John Flannery shows off his amazing rare find he acquired at an auction.