Shelburne Legion Contribute $2000 Towards Saving A Boy’s Life Across The World

The Shelburne Legion is known for it’s philanthropic generosity and in this case, their endeavours helped to save a boy’s life across the world. Making the world a smaller place with kindness and generosity certainly says a lot about the hardworking volunteers who donate their time, time while living their lives, raising their families, and helping a boy they will never know, never meet. Shelburne is a wonderful, special place and Reverend Gord Horsley, the Shelburne Padre, is deeply moved by the generous and kind nature of the Legion.

“Global Christian Ministry Forum(GCMF) and Abiding Place Fellowship would like to thank the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 220 for the gift of $2,000 which went toward an operation on one of our children in Haiti at the orphanage in which GCMF over see’s and Abiding Place Fellowship is one of the sponsors. The little Bouquet, children’s home is in Haiti near a town call Croix Des Bouquets just out side Port au Price Haiti.

I am very grateful to President, Lesa Peat and the members of Branch # 220 for all their help, not only with the operation on this young child named David, but they also helped to give money towards  a new mini-van for the home a year or so ago as well. Thank you so much! I am very proud to be a part of this Legion branch here in Shelburne as their Padre and feel a great respect and love from all the members.

A big thank you from David and the other children of Little Bouquet and from myself and the folks at Abiding Place Fellowship. God bless the Shelburne Legion,” commented, Reverend Gord Horsley.

(Above: LtoR) Shelburne Legion, 1st Vice President, Bruce Wright, Reverend Gord Horsley, and Shelburne Legion President, Lesa Peat.