Over 75, 000 Passed Through Shelburne During Thanksgiving Weekend & Operation Impact Results Are In

Thanksgiving weekend Operation Impact results

Shelburne Police Service participated in the national traffic safety campaign known as Operation Impact over the Thanksgiving weekend.  From October 5th through the 8th Shelburne police officers were focusing on motorists whose driving behaviours fall into the four main categories of:

  • Impaired driving
  • Failure to use seat belts
  • Speeding and/or aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving

The rain and fog over the weekend seemed to ensure that the majority of drivers passing through Shelburne observed the rules of the road and gave themselves time to get to their destinations.  However, Shelburne police officers still laid 38 traffic related charges over the course of the weekend.  The Operation Impact results are:

26        Speeding
1          Impaired operation of a motor vehicle
1          Operation with over 80mgs of alcohol in 100ml of blood
1          Novice driver blood alcohol concentration above zero
1          Hand held device
5          Fail to surrender insurance card
1          Disobey stop sign
1          Disobey sign

We are happy to report that given the weather and the fact that over 75 000 vehicles passed through Shelburne over the Thanksgiving weekend, there were ZERO motor vehicle collisions inside the Town of Shelburne.

The above media release provided by Shelburne Police Media Relations Officer, Constable Jennifer Roach.