Upper Grand District School Board Held Inaugural Meeting

Upper Grand District School Board’s (UGDSB) Inaugural Meeting was held on December 4th, 2018.

Dufferin County is going to be well served in the term ahead with two experienced trustees representing Dufferin at the board table in Guelph. Lynn Topping is Trustee for Shelburne and rural Dufferin while Gail Campbell represents Orangeville. Lynn Topping and Gail Campbell were sworn in by Martha Rogers, Director of Education. Jim Gordon, Pastor at the Elora Road Christian Fellowship Church, gave the board the challenge of leading with “wisdom, insight, mutual respect and harmony” and then presented a prayer.
After the ceremony the board got to work with forming the significant committees for the next year. Both of our trustees will be very busy serving in many capacities. Most noteworthy is that Trustee Topping will be Chair of the Program Committee and Trustee Campbell will be Vice Chair of Operations. This allows both of our representatives to have a voice on the the chairs committee that leads the board along with the following trustees, Martha MacNeil, Chair of Operations, Barbara Lustgarten Evoy, Vice Chair of Program, Linda Busuttil, Chair of the Board, and Mark Bailey, Vice Chair of the Board.

More information on UGDSB and all the trustees can be found on the website which has contact information for all trustees.

The above overview and photo generously provided by Ken Topping.

(Above: LtoR)
Lynn Topping and Gail Campbell