Shelburne Kinsmen Annual Beer For A Year Prize Winner 2019

Shelburne Kinsmen & Kinettes (Above) were on hand to draw the name of the lucky winner for the Kinsmen’s Annual Beer For A Year Draw of 2019. The event was held at Shannon’s Bar & Grill on Main St. Shelburne January 8, 2019 and the lucky winner, Mike Brown of Trent Lakes, was drawn and telephoned by Kinsmen member, Dan Sample, with the good news. The winning prize is $1,500 cash  or $1,890 in LCBO gift gift cards.  The Kinsmen raised $5000 in total and each year help to support community groups who reach out to them for support which has in the past included local elementary schools. For more information about the Kinsmen, visit their website. Click here. 


The helpful, professional staff at Shannon’s (Below) look forward to seeing you!