Black History Month Remembers Richard Pierpoint’s Amazing Life.

Difficult to imagine being stolen from your home, transported in the hull of a ship, discover you will from this point forward become a slave in a country you do not the language or location of and may never see your family or anyone you know ever again. Perhaps even more difficult to imagine is the powerful resilience required deep within a person’s soul in order to not only survive but thrive, surpass all odds, fight for your freedom, win your freedom and unfortunately never make it back to the part of the world you were stolen from, your home, the one place in the world you long to return to.

Richard Pierpoint is such an enigma, a person who has lived an extraordinary life and his recorded journey all started when he was just 16 years old in the year 1774. This astounding individual died near a place you may well know called Fergus, Ontario. Stolen as a teenager, a fighter in the British Army, a Farmer, a free man, a leader among the Black Community wherever he found himself, and one of the first Black settlers to have been given parcels of land, Pierpoint is exceptional. Find out more about this incredible man on the Canadian Encyclopedia Website where Pierpoint’s biography and a short video from Heritage Canada can be found. 

Discovering history can change lives, inspire and help society today to be better. History comes alive when we celebrate and acknowledge just how rich we really are. Richard Pierpoint, story teller, Black Leader, and one of the notably bravest historical figures Canada remembers!

The above image taken from the Canadian Encyclopedia website.