INSIDE Shelburne Town Meeting Monday, March 11, 2019. Audio Included.

INSIDE Shelburne Town Council:

Usually, Shelburne Town Council has forbidden video coverage of council meetings but as of this meeting, The Shelburne Freelancer will be taking video coverage of Council Meetings for our viewers convenience. All members were present.

Council got off to an earlier start as moving forward,  Meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. rather than 7 p.m. Council no longer provides copies of the agenda at meetings, taking a “green” approach to conserve waste of paper. Also Council has adopted a new format of the agenda where a new item is included, #5 Council Inquires, which provides Council members the opportunity to ask and questions they might have. Council received presentations from Chuck Thibeault of Central Counties Tourism on a high level overview of Central Counties Tourism and NDACT, (Food & Water First).reaching out to Council to be conscious of spreading information whenever possible as public awareness of this organizations concerns are grave and can affect the food supply for all involved.


Council received reports from:

~CAO, Denyse Morrissey reported on Shelburne Council’s Strategic Plan.

~The Director of Development & Operations, Jim Moss, reported on Blue Mountain Plastics Surcharge Agreement.

~Report From Treasurer, Carey Holmes, regarding 2018 development Charge for year end and annual attestation, which is an act or instance of attesting something: such as. a : a proving of the existence of something through evidence.

~Report from Town Clerk, Jennifer Willoughby regarding waiving rental fees request from the Shelburne Soccer Club.

the following is the link to the agenda for this particular meeting.