Shelburne Celebrated World Day Of Prayer On March 1st At Trinity United Church: Video Included

World Day Of Prayer As Women Of The World Support Each Other


Beginning in 1918 the WICC (Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada)  is currently comprised of 10 denominational partners, African Methodist Church, Episcopalian Church, Anglican, Church, Baptist, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada,Roman Catholic, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Church in Canada, The Salvation Army in Canada, Christian Church, Disciples of Christ the United Church of Canada and March 1, 2019 was World Day Of Prayer and 2018 marked their 100th Anniversary.

A prayer session was held at Trinity United Church, March 1, 2019. More than 1,250  prayer services happened across Canada at the same time on March 1st. Each year a different host country prepares a service that all take part in and this year, Slovenia produced the prayer service and the amazing artwork for their poster.  The prayer services offer prayers, help and support fighting injustices that women face around the world. Committed to benefiting women through their wonderful work, the 10 denominational partners helped through supporting women involved and rescued from sex trafficking, help prevented violence against women , mentoring senior women, prevention against gender based violence and  forced sterilization, and so much more. Visit WICC website and find out more about the very essential and wonderful work this amazing organization does for the world and all in support of women.