The 10th Annual Trail Ride For Breast Cancer Happens Saturday, August 10, 2019!


Debra Moore, (above) is the founder of Trail Ride For Breast Cancer and will be celebrating her 10th Annual Trail Ride For Breast Cancer August 10, 2019 in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation of Ontario. Moore also hosts Everything Equestrian seasonal Trade Shows providing a platform for all vendors, Equestrians, Equine related business and recently held the 2nd Annual Spring Everything Equestrian Trade Show held at the Shelburne Royal Canadian Legion on March 2nd. In case you missed the trade show, you missed out on some exceptional shopping and sustenance provided by the Ladies Auxiliary. (photographic coverage below)

To provide a little history surrounding the wonderful event, the following excerpt is from the Trail Ride For Breast Cancer Website.

“Debra Moore is the founder of the Annual Trail Ride for Breast Cancer. After losing our mother to breast cancer in 2002, as well as having our aunt and a close friend survive the disease, my sister, daughter and I decided it was time to fight back and take matters into our own hands. Wanting to incorporate our love for horses with raising money for a cause that is very close to home for us, we soon realized there are very few options for fundraising events on horseback, and thus decided to start the annual ride.  Together, we organize the Trail Ride for Breast Cancer in honor of our mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, and women who have survived, fought, and lost the battle to breast cancer.

As a horse owner who pays board and works full time, we can appreciate that many people  do not have the time to ask for pledges.  With that in mind, we decided it was better to have a simple entry price rather than ask each rider to raise a minimum amount in pledges in order to participate.
​However, with such a great interest in it’s first year, there are now pledge forms available for those who wish to raise even more money, also giving the non-horsey people a way to participate.
The first year’s attendance was 47 riders with $1,400 raised. The second year, we had 77 riders with $4,400 raised. The third year, we had 64 riders and raised $11,700! The 4th ride had 164 riders and we raised $20,000. The 5th year we had 195 riders and raised $28,000.00. the 6th year we had 123 riders and raised $20,000.00. The 7th year we had 106 riders and we raised $18,000.00. The 8th year, we had 90 riders and raised $15,000.00 which brings our total to $118,000.00!!!!!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that come out and support our ride every year, without your help, our success would not be possible.”


The above photo can be found on Trail Ride for Breast Cancer Website. For more information Contact Debra Moore at 416-407-6695, email

Below Photographic coverage of the Everything Equestrian Spring Trade Show 2019.