Public Notice Open House Issued Regarding Site Plan For 124 Owen Sound St. & First Avenue Corner

Amidst controversy, a Public Notice Open House will take place on Tuesday, April 16 from 4 p.m-7 p.m at Town Hall Upstairs Gallery. The purpose for the open house is for the public to acquire more information about the property and the site planning proposals. While some Shelburnites expressed the need for more apartments, and like the idea of a vacant space they consider an eyesore, actually bringing money into the Town and do not have a concern for the facade of the structure, others are incredibly overwhelmed by the builder’s use of white siding and designs not being at all in keeping with Shelburne’s historical look. The particular group of Shelburnites who reside in the historic homes located on First street are baffled and confused as to why Council does not act fast and place some sort of bylaw stipulation forcing builders to comply with some sort of historical, “look” that will add to current residents property values. While some have a “something is better than nothing,” attitude with regard to this particular builder commenting, “at least someone is doing something” buying up Real Estate and making improvements, others argue the quality of work should come into question.

Builder Paulo Pambianchi of NKompas Group stands by his designs having previously stated that he felt he has taken Shelburne’s Historical value very seriously and tried wherever possible to work in historical character. Pambianchi is quite pleased with all beautification projects he has taken on thus far along Shelburne’s Main St. and feels he is making quite a positive difference, actually contributing to Shelburne’s continued well being. Council has stated in the past that unless any builder is in violation of some code or bylaw a builder is within their rites to purchase a building and do as they please with regards to facades of buildings.

When Pambianchi approached Council upon is last visit with designs for the location, some local residents had questions and hope the site plan presented at this upcoming Open House will reflect the character of the homes which along First St. Below is an example of a suggested “look” for the Building proposal.