Annual Economic Development Breakfast Of 2019, Video Included.

Couldn’t make the EDC Annual Breakfast? Video provided below.

This year, Shelburne’s Annual EDC Breakfast hosted special Guest Speaker, Scott McNeil-Smith, National Director with Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) who provided an enlightening over view discussing a broad range of manufacturing effects, impacts and suggested new strategies to positively affect the future economy. Thought provoking, McNeil-Smith mention employers, types of jobs and asked the question of whether society is actually providing the younger generation with the education needed for the actual jobs that are being created in today’s world.

Mike Kazackerley(Above) MC’d the event making note to thank Lavender Blue who catered of the event, and Opening Ceremonies included and EDC update presented by Carol Maitland, EDC Marketing Manager/Town Of Shelburne, and Amamda Scales of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, who provided insight to online Surveys Shelburnites took part in called The Neighbourhood Design Survey. (See video for Scales’ presentation) Alex McLellan inquired into the results of the presentation specifically questioning how many Shelburnites took part in the survey and how specific statistical results were achieved. Below, Chuck Ferguson of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph, Public Health elaborated on the The Neighbourhood Design Survey and how certain statistics were arrived at. Find out what “statistically weighted” actually means. Scales’ team accepted online participation and even visited public locations to aid in the public’s participation via tablets in hand.

“The Neighbourhood Design Survey  was developed by Public Health with input from Shelburne’s Economic Development Committee. These organizations partnered with Forum Research Inc. to collect the survey data from May 14th to July 2nd 2018. The survey was primarily promoted and completed online. However, in order to ensure an adequate sample size, random digit dial telephone recruitment as well as in-person, random (i.e. 4th passerby of the general public) interviewing using tablet devices or hard copy surveys in public places, were used to increase the number of completed surveys. A total of 333 Shelburne residents and 30 business owners completed the NDS. Residents and business owners were asked different questions but some similarities in questions existed. Data collected from the 333 residents was statistically weighted to compensate for identified differences between the survey participants and the overall population of Shelburne (Statistics Canada, Census 2016). That means if 20% of people living in Shelburne are over 65 years of age, but only 10% of the survey participants were over 65, each survey response from older adults would be counted twice.  This way, the weighted responses more closely resemble the overall population of Shelburne and not just those that completed the survey.  This commonly accepted statistical best practice to ensure a survey is representative of the local population. Data collected from the 30 business owners was not statistically weighted (because there are no Census comparators), therefore the results are not necessarily representative of all Shelburne business owners.  The results give as a snapshot of what 30 businesses think. At this time there is no link to the report. The final report and data appendix will be available on the Town of Shelburne and WDG Public Health websites in the near future.” For more information contact Ferguson at Communications, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 4374.

Current EDC Members include, Chair, Steve Bowles, Vice Chair, Andrew Lewis, Mikal Archer, Izabela Busby, Althea Casamento,Bill Gillam and Council Representatives include, Councillors Lynda Buffett and  Shane Hall. Staff Member is Carol Maitland, EDC/ Marketing Coordinator.

Following the Main speakers the audience was able to take part in a panel discussion composed of (Below: LtoR) Andrew Cotz, Director of Market Research at Tribute Communities Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever, Sharon Grant, Royal LePage RCR Realty, Shelburne Chief Administrative Officer, Denyse Morrissey, and Shelburne Mayor, Wade Mills.

(Below) Diana Morris Of Dufferin Board Of Trade.

(Below)Guest Speaker Glenn Gumulka, Executive Director of Sustain Mobility

(Below: LtoR) Project Manager, Deputy Registrar, Patti Hossie, Deputy Treasurer, Maryon English , and Town Clerk Jennifer Willoughby


Carolyn Ellis (Below) of BrillianceMastery held a free workshop following the Breakfast who also by example,”captured discussions and the spirit of what you have to say in a unique, fun and memorable way”, which is the description provided in the Itinereary.

Below video of  Annual Shelburne Economic Development Breakfast 2019.