John’s NoFrills’ Exciting New Changes For Customers

Continuously upping his game, John van Teunenbroek, (featured below) owner of John’s No Frills is pleased to announce John’s No Frills Online grocery service is up and running.

“We are officially offering PC Express an online grocery option allowing customers to purchase online and then come into the store to pick them up. All payments are pre-autorized on line, there is no need to speak to a staff member, you just come in and find the bags with your name on it. It won’t even take you five minutes. It’s very convenient for next day pick-up and there is a $3 charge for the service. After the store finalizes your order, you will receive an email itemizing how many bags with your name will be in the pantry section, the freezer section, and the refrigerator section. The earliest pick up will be at 9 a.m, the latest pick up is between 5 p.m and 7 p.m, store hours. We started with a soft launch initially for staff and family and we noticed over twenty customers took advantage without any promotion. We are very pleased with this service so far. We also noticed customers are appreciating the self check out option as well.

This is also the first year we will offer a full garden centre starting May 12th tentatively and customers will be able to purchase trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, soil, and the garden centre will have an outdoor checkout and will consist of three tented sections.”

There may be no “frills”shopping at John’s No Frill’s but there are “thrills” with all the new upgrades and services Shelburnites get to enjoy as John’s No Frill’s owner, John van Teunenbroek continues to invest in the community of Shelburne.