CDDHS Holds Last Student Advisory Meeting Of The Year & Special Guest That Could Help You Become Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Video of meeting included below.

For youth today, it is essential to learn skills that can benefit one during real life situations. With more and more exchanges being online, it is essential our youth today learn how to combat being uncomfortable with actually being uncomfortable in a public venue. Video of meeting included below.

Centre Dufferin District High School Student Advisory Committee held their final meeting of the year on Monday, May 6, 2019. The Committee meet during their lunch hour and during this particular meeting as the topic was “Living Outside Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Goals”, and “Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable,” met with  special Guest speakers, Althea Casamento, Owner of ACCE Photography and Community Event Creator of the annual event, Shelburne Multicultural Day, Former CDDHS graduate, Amoy Stephenson who is a Nipissing University Student studying Biology, Shelburne Councillor and local business owner of Spaw-Fect Grooming, Lindsay Wegener, and Danielle Jenkins, also graduate of CDDHS, and at 23 years of age is President of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. Hosted by Community Leader, Alethia O’Hara-Stephenson, this committee enjoy an interactive perspective, asking questions of established professionals first hand. The experience shared is eye opening, engaging, memorable and absolutely essential. With such a wide diversity of human experience shared by this guest panel of all women, the students were able to really imagine seeing their future by their own unique and amazing standards, understanding that every journey will be different and every journey will be equally valuable and important as they chart their lives. Note worthy is that every guest speaker brought fourth a similar message as to the secret of success, that being, “Always push those around you up, not down.” A positive and eye-opening experience by all!