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OPP Encourages Public To Buckle Up!

According to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division – despite warning road users ahead of the long weekend and their high visibility throughout the weekend, the OPP laid 1,524 seat belt charges during their Easter…

Kids Win Big At Shelburne Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Wonderful sponsors and volunteers made Shelburne’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Festivities another free family fun adventure so all who attended. Held at Shelburne’s CDRC (Centre Dufferin Recreational Centre-Arena) on the upper level, the Shelburne…

Rotary Club Celebrates 80th Hosting “O Canada, We Sing For Thee” At Grace Tipling Hall April 12, 2018

 The Following Provided By The Shelburne Rotary Club: The Hottest Show To Celebrate Canada Comes To Grace Tipling Hall, Shelburne And  Is Sponsored By The Shelburne Rotary  “Oh, Canada, We Sing For Thee” has been…


The following media release provided by Ontario Provincial Police FROM:  Child Sexual Exploitation Unit                     DATE: March 1, 2018 POLICE ARREST EIGHT IN RELATION TO CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION INVESTIGATIONS  In collaboration with its municipal law enforcement partners, the Ontario…


Shelburne Police Services’ Polar Plunge 2018 In Support of Special Olympics Huge Success

Shelburne Police Services’ Polar Plunge In Support Of Special Olympics 2018 took place during Shelburne’s Annual Winter Event of Shelbrrr Fest held at Shelburne’s Fiddle Park an event hosted by Shelburne Kinsmen. The Polar Plunge…


Shelbrrr Fest 2018 Great Fun Despite The Weather!

Shelbrrr Fest 2018 & Unbeatable Resolve To Have FUN! FUN ! FUN! Councillor Dan Sample(below) gives an overview of Shelbrrr Fest 2018 in this exclusive video interview.  Though the weather on this particular family day was…

The Weapons Crisis: Who Is In Charge Of Change?! Survivors May Be The Ones To Make The Difference

The Weapons Crisis: Who Is In Charge Of Change?! Survivors May Be The Ones To Make The Difference Editorial By Alex Sher In light of the horrific mass murder in Florida resulting in the tragic…

1st Draft Proposal Presented To Council For 60 Town Homes Located At 600 Main St. East

Shelburne’s Growing! What Do You Think? The subject of much interest and discussion surrounded Council’s reaction of general inquiry to Town Planner, Steve Wever’s report on the proposal form MDM Development regarding 60 new Town…

Shelburne Youth Drop In Centre, THE DOOR Now Open!

Shelburne Youth Drop In Centre, THE DOOR Is Now Open

During a grand opening attended by MPP Sylvia Jones and Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington, THE DOOR, Shelburne’s Youth Drop in Centre opened it’s doors at its new permanent location, 167 Main St. West, Suite 103 (Back Entrance)on Saturday February 3, 2018. Mandy McCallum, Youth Director at The Door explains the centre is a safe place for youth to hang out on Friday nights but also a place to enjoy during the week taking part in programs like Girls Wednesday Afternoon Group. The Centre is not only a safe haven but a meeting place that feels more like family according to attendants. Offering many different programs, youth find The Door a welcoming, constructive environment. This non profit charity organization runs on donations and is a satellite facility, one of many,  with Youth Highlands For Christ. The Door is supervised by adult volunteers who are personally vetted by McCallum who notes that includes all safety precautions such as running complete background checks.

The Door is not new to Shelburne having existed for 17 years and has undergone many changes throughout it’s great history of helping youths. Now in a permanent location, McCallum is very happy to welcome all, adding,” The Door is not a church. There are activities offered, Billiards, Ping Pong, gaming consoles, and the there are always vetted supervisors on site. Co-Chair of the Steering Committee, Deb Harrison is extremely pleased to be able to offer a permanent facility to the community of Shelburne and has been involved for over 23 years witnessing many youth benefit from this wonderful program. Harrison points out The Door is completely inclusive as everyone is absolutely welcome. Once thought of as a facility for only at risk youth, the evolution of The Door has become something so much more. To clearly understand, one has only to remember being young.

As one youth interviewed stated, ” It’s a place where I can be a part of a social group without being nervous or anxious.” Not just growing pains, but what if you are a teen, not involved in sports? The Door may be an option for you. A second youth interviewed commented,” It feels so comfortable, like a second home. and The Door is always mentioned in the halls at High school. There’s no discrimination, and there is always someone here to talk to.” So much more than just a hang-out, youth can enjoy a youth driven hub with people most likely sharing similar interests, and a enjoy a safe place to play pool, gaming, or just chill.

An essentially important community support, The Door is located at 167 MainSt W. accessible at the back alley and for more information call, 519-925-0440.

The following photo generously provided of (Centre) Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington and MPP Sylvia Jones during Opening Ceremonies and the Ribbon Cutting Event which took place Saturday, February 3, 2018 at Shelburne’s Youth Drop In Centre, The Door. 

Shelburne Town Councillor, Steve Anderson’s motto is “Stronger Together” shares his thoughts on just why Black History Month is important to the community of Shelburne in this exclusive video interview.

In this special feature by Videographer/Producer Aileen Doyle, Shelburne’s Dufferin Oaks, Long Term Care Home is featured discussing the benefits to it’s Dementia and Alhiemer’s patients using a pilot project with Hasbro’s Joy For All Companion Pets and the incredible, wonderful difference patients are experiencing. A MUST SEE! Click here to visit CTV News Website.

February Is Black History Month! Did You Know About The Old Durham Road Pioneer Cemetery Circa 1849 & The Black Settlers Who Were Welcomed To The Area?

The article featured below is taken from The Shelburne Freelancer Archives of 2017
The Shelburne Freelancer               Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Black History Feature:
Did You Know About The Old Durham Road Pioneer Cemetery Circa 1849 & The Black Settlers Who Were Welcomed To The Area?

Old Durham Road, according to the South Grey Museum, saw many firsts in it’s day. Circa 1849, a simple cemetery, now called The Old Durham Road Pioneer Cemetery was situated across the street from the Durham Road School House found at the corner of Durham Rd. 8 and Grey Road 14.

A Church sat on the property, but was later lost and forgotten. In 1861, Black settlers received land grants that ran along Old Durham Road and as most who arrived to a new land, were filled with all the possibilities of bright futures.

Above: The Monument Stone Dedicated To African Settlers and those referred to then as “Loyalist Stock”.


According to the information found on South Grey Museum website, most of the headstones in the cemetery had simply disappeared over the years and especially in the 1930’s when a potato farm took it’s place. Rumor has it, which cannot be substantiated, that a farmer had removed the headstones and placed them on the floor of his barn. Regardless of truth or rumor, a desecration occurred of a most serious nature.

When descendants of the early black settlers were tracing their family histories in the 1990’s, four headstones tossed on a rock pile were found and at the same time, then  Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander was preparing an dedication to the Black Settler Burial Site. In honor and in tribute to the Black settlers who were most likely thought to be former slaves, a pavilion was designated to be designed and money from a  Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant made it all happen.

The Pavilion is a beautiful work of art that forever houses the remaining headstones and is well worth visiting.

The Pavilion itself is a wonderful and symbolic expression of future, hope, light and tribute, trickled with awe inspiring architectural features allowing light to stream through the roof and walls forever revealing the fact that people, early settlers, lived, raised families, worked the land, died and were buried in this quiet, peaceful place on a quiet corner in Grey County that many drive by and never stop to take a moment to notice that as difficult as our modern lives can get, others stood on that very spot so long ago with uncertain futures, some experiencing freedom for the first time in their lives.

Special thanks to Shelburnite, Don Batchelor (L) who was gracious in sharing his historical knowledge with The Shelburne Freelancer and as a result shared a crucially important historical story with his community and those around the world.

Photos taken for this feature were taken by Alex Sher.

Click image for more information on the Pioneers of South Grey County and in case you are wondering, there is so much more to know!

With March Break approaching, this site might be a great destination place for a morning visit!

Click here for 

South Grey Museum  DeNeen L. Brown 

contact and location information.
This article by  DeNeen L. Brown In The  The Washington Posts Is Well Worth the Read & kindly brought to the attention by one of our readers. Click Here to learn more about Priceville, Ontario and it’s place in Black history. 

CTV Comes To Shelburne’s Dufferin Oaks Featuring New Program On Dementia, Alzhiemers & Joy For All Companion Pets From Habsro

Technology Makes A Huge Impact At Shelburne’s Dufferin Oaks

Recently CTV’s Videographer /Producer,  Alieen Doyle visited Shelburne Dufferin Oaks, Long Term Care Facility’s second floor, where residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s have been enjoying a new program featuring Hasbro’s A Joy For All, Companion Pets. This feature will air sometime over the weekend of February 2nd-4th on the evening news at 6 p.m. The Shelburne Freelancer will post the link to the feature when it is up. These animatronic life-like pets are exactly what they are advertised and more, so much so, The Farmer’s Almanac featured the pets as technology to watch for in 2018. At first glance, appearing like very cute stuffed animal toys, these wonderful creations are sensory and motion activated, are a perfect weight, react in a very life-like way when spoken to, stroked, and are the perfect pet for anyone who cannot have an actual live pet. The benefits when experienced by onlookers are more than astounding. The videos on line are real by comparison to Dufferin Oaks resident experiences who are living proof of a new level of joy and comfort that can be provided.  Inexplicably, these amazing feats of technology provide a very human interactive response to those with Dementia and Alzheimers. To witness a person with Dementia or Alzheimers who as a rule rarely communicates or interacts, reacting during their first experience with these lovable cats and dogs can literally take your breath away and bring you to joyful tears with what is such a wonderful exchange of interaction that some never experience otherwise with other programs. Actually understanding the pets are not “real” doesn’t seem to affect the residents’ experience and the need to remember their own pets they once had and verbally share their stories with their Companion Pets, experience the need to feed their pets, petting the dog and cats and seeing the pets’reactions to movements, even telling them what great little cats and dogs they are. The cat is perhaps the most interactive, with movements like licking paws and stretching back for a tummy rub, meowing, blinking, and purring. The dog, wags it’s tail, blinks, barks, has a heart beat, and both pets have such soft fur, a person can’t help petting. These Companion Pets, appropriately named, are definite aids in combating the feeling of loneliness,uselessness, along with the extremely overwhelming sense of lack of purpose which can be experienced by those diagnosed with the onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Caring and interacting with Companion Pets can also calm during bouts of confusion which many find very upsetting. Dufferin Oaks has also reported many residents find bed time routines greatly improved by the Companion Pets’ calming presence.

Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home Manager, Angie Matthews, and Second Floor, Activations Coordinator, Tara Foulger, (LtoR:Above)are both extremely pleased with the program that began with what they report was an anonymous donation by a couple who are familiar with the excellent care provided by Dufferin Oaks and the wonderful steps taken to ensure their residents get to take advantage of programs well suited for all patients, whatever their needs and requirements are. Already in place is the Music and Memory Program which has received a wonderful response from residents. While understanding Companion Pets are not for everyone, Foulger and Matthews, and all staff, knowing their residents’ needs are very different from one another are very excited to implement the Companion Pets throughout the facility. Since their initial donation, Dufferin Oaks has been fortunate to receive three more Companion Pets donations and many family members, upon seeing the wonderful response their loved ones experienced, plan to purchase a pet for their loved ones. Some members of the Shelburne Community are planning to purchase a Companion Pet and donate to Dufferin Oaks in memory of a loved one. Matthew, Foulger and staff alike are greatly invested in the quality of care they provide and are eager to continue that care embracing any new technology that will provide such joy to their residents throughout the entire home, and loved ones in their care, are in most excellent caring hands.


For those who care for loved ones experiencing Dementia and Alzheimer, the Hasbro Companion Pets are an absolute wonderful tool that is safe. In addition to having a calming effect and sparking interaction, these pets bring out a very important caring response in a person’s brain. This is very important as many people suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia are continuously cared for and never care for something themselves. So important to provide a tool that will never have needs a loved one can’t provide.  That being said, the pets can be cared for, will never scratch,never become frustrated, bite, leave, become angry, will never tire of the repeated verbal exchange, seemingly keen to hear lovingly, reacting lovingly with each and every form of communication which can be a strain even the best intended caregivers. The wonderful effect the Companion Pets can have is well worth the investment and will bring caregivers as much joy as the loved one being cared for.

For more information on Shelburne’s wonderful Dufferin Oaks Long Term Care Home located at 151 Centre Street, Shelburne, ON L9V 3R7, call 519.925.2140, fax 519.925.5067, email

Sign up for emails from Dufferin Oaks on upcoming events, information!

For more information on Hasbro’s Joy For All Companion Pets visit their website. 

The above graphic is featured on the Habro’s Joy For All Companion Pets website. Click on these following links: Visit the Cat Video. See Puppy video. 

Note: For those who live alone and are not suffering from Dementia, or Alzheimers, would like to have a live pet, and are not allowed in their apartment or nursing home, Hasbro’s Joy For All Companion Pet is a wonderful option. Also worth noting, those living with Autism also experience wonderful benefits from these amazing feats of technology.


Farm Life Can Be Dangerous: A Community Rallies Together To Bring Melodie Montgomery HomeAs many Farmer’s can attest, the beautiful and rustic wilds of their serene environment is often tempered by the unpredictable and as much as Farmer’s in addition to never having a day off from work, must also keep their wits about them as weather and mother nature sometimes have other plans that have nothing to do with safety. Freak of nature accidents are serious realities that many Farmer’s have experienced and with that comes overwhelming understanding and community support. Shelburnite, Karren Wallace has organized a Trivia Night and Silent Auction at Shelburne’s Royal Canadian Legion to be held on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in support of Melodie Montgomery, a local Mulmur woman who who sustained life altering injuries while at her farm when a tree fell on her in July 2017. No one plans for incidents such as these and now in order to return home, the Montgomery home must undergo costly renovations to accommodate new life circumstances. Below, in an article provided by Wallace, are many options you too can contribute to “Helping To Bring Melodie Home”. Shelburnites are well known for their philanthropic community support and with Wallace’s kindness and organization, Melodie Montgomery may be HOME sooner than she thinks!As posted on Wallace’s Facebook Page, Montgomery provides an account of her own injuries, “FYI here is a list of what I have overcome so far: Severed spinal cord, broken spine in 2 places (T3 break, thus 2 steel rods in my back, all ribs broken on left and right side. Left side ribs so bad they are replaced with steel, broken sternum, left and right shoulder blades broken, crushed left arm which has steel plates, gash in the back of my head, gash on my forehead (I call my Harry Potter scar), 4 chest tubes, collapsed lungs full of blood. I had to have a second back surgery as the Trauma surgeons put in 3 screws that were too long and going into my esophagus. They ground them down 5mm. Now my rehab! To get home! I don’t have a proper wheelchair to use here yet. I hope next week. My body is protesting being up so I have had some rough days this week. Happy Thanksgiving! Melodie.”


Clearly optimistic and with all the resilience and resolve most farmers have surging through their blood, Montgomery has a lot of people thinking of her and rooting for her!

Note: Photo not of Mulmur Farm referred to in this story.


Didn’t get time on the weekend to visit The Little Family Presents A Haunt In The Park?It’s not too late. Tuesday, October 31, at 6 p.m. Well worth visiting, this year’s annual haunt is better than ever, located at Fiddle Park and for the first year, under the Pole Barn that local business owners Gregg and Heather Holmes of Holmes Appliances & Music Shop and countless numbers of volunteers and fundraisers helped to build. Proving yet again, that gumption and devotion to a grand idea can be brought to fruition and an entire community can benefit for decades of events to come. Note worthy is the fact that because of the unpredictable weather the Pole barn saved the weekend allowing visitors a spooky experience without incident. And what a spooky, fun, exciting event it is! The Little Family have out done themselves! Photos below are taken during the day and are the kid friendly version that was held on Saturday, October 28, 2107. What a fantastic community Shelburnites live in! This event attracted local residents and those from around the Dufferin community. Get your spooky on! Visit the Little Family Presents A Haunt In The Park Tuesday, October 31st at 6 p.m. Don’t forget to bring a food item for the Shelburne Food Bank, The Shepherd’s Cupboard. Happy Halloween! Enjoy your free goody bag filled with treats donated from John’s No Frills.

Trillium Ford’s Successful Event In Support Of Local Agricultural

Trillium Ford held an Agricultural Appreciation Night at it’s Shelburne Location complete with vendors, treats, prizes, and a wonderful array of tractors on display attraction hundreds of people. The wonderful event took place on October 20th and is the brain child of Trillium Ford’s Marketing Co-Ordinator, Wendy Gabrek. What a fantastic way for a business to show local farmers and those involved in agriculture that they are truly appreciated. Trillium Ford’s Agriculture Appreciation Night was open to the public, free to attend and was so well attended, there are great hopes the event will become an annual occurrence. For more information of Trillium Ford’s upcoming events visit their website or contact Trillium Ford’s Marketing Co-Ordinator, Wendy Gabrek at their Shelburne location at  519.925.5101


Savour Shelburne 2017 Success!

Savour  Shelburne Winners included, All Access Membership TrainerGames: Leah LaBuono, Willis Potter, Barb Kelly ,Andrea Pedri, Kyle Bates, Wild West Mystery Dinner Tickets, Jeremy Cunningham, $20 Gift Certificate Beyond the Gate, Steve Baker, Guy Roberge, Gift Certificate Dufferin Public House, Juanita Taylor and Mike Page who won a pizza from Sunset Diner. The above photos provided by Sharon Grant of Savour Shelburne.
The second annual Savour Shelburne was a great success again hosting Clown Classes, fl;oral arranging, Cider Tasting, Belly Dancing, and a wide variety of food to choose from. Be sure to remember to participate in Savour Shelburne 2018!

Headwaters Horse Country Excellence Awards Recipients Of 2017

Click on the image to visit the Headwaters Horse Country Excellence Awards website.

(LtoR) Photo and information generously provided from Town Of Shelburne, Coucillor Randy Chambers, Councillor Wade Mills, Councillor Walter Benotto, Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington, New Councillor, Steve Anderson, Councillor Dan Sample, and Shelburne Deputy Mayor Geoff Dunlop.

A few weeks ago, The Shelburne Freelancer noticed the grave situation of a very deep and serious pothole located on the strip plaza on Shelburne’s Main St. Two years ago, a major repair was completed on pothole in a different location on the same strip plaza parking lot and once alerted by The Shelburne Freelancer with photos and phone calls, owners of the strip plaza, Merlen and Doreen Kropft were only too pleased to act. Fast forward to 2017 and a quick email alert to the Kropfts and The Shelburne Freelancer is pleased to announce they have been in contact with a repair crew and help is on the way. “We are very proud of that plaza and it’s always busy. We’ve contacted a repair crew and are waiting,” commented Merlen Kropft adding, “Don’t worry. We’re going to get it done!” Kropft also commented that he hopes to have the repair completed before thanksgiving which is good news for Shelburnites using the very popular and extremely busy plaza. The Shelburne Freelancer, working for you!


The Cut Above Hair Studio has enjoyed serving Shelburne for 18 years. Brenda Wilson (above)has owned and operated the business through Shelburne’s up’s and down’s and can be notably recognized as one one of Shelburne’s creative and resourceful business owners. Wilson is proud to announce The Cut Above Hair Salon has experienced a wonderful makeover in celebration of her 18th anniversary in business and welcomes all to take advantage of savings to commemorate this very special year in business. With Wi-Fi available while you wait, The Cut Above Hair Salon is offering specials. Get a full head of highlights and your cut and style will be free or save 18% on a  Cut and Colour!

Wilson hopes Shelburnites enjoy the clean, sleek. modern, yet homey and welcoming new look of her Salon and adds that waxing is available as one of the many continued services this entrepreneur has has to offer. Store hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday open from 9:30 a.m. – 5p.m.,  Wednesday: Closed, Saturdays 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and Sundays: Closed. Reach The Cut Above Hair Salon at 111 Owen Sound Street, call 519-925-9500, email or visit their Facebook Page, 


Above LtoR: Royal Mounted Canadian Police Woman, Shelburne’s Very Own Pharmacist, Owner of Shelburne Town Pharmacy, Sanjay Lekhi, and Mp David Tilson. As Canada Celebrates it’s 150th anniversary, MP David Tilson presented local Pharmacy owner Sanjay Lekhi with a certificate and medal in appreciation of outstanding Contributions to his community. A very proud moment for a fairly new business to Shelburne marking just under five years serving the community, hosting philanthropic events, bringing a walk-in clinic to Shelburne that is thriving, and becoming a valued and relied upon staple as friend, pharmacist, and truly caring individual touching the lives of everyone he meets. A heartfelt congratulations!

Headwaters Health Care Centre Set To Open New Ambulatory Care Unit To Patients Monday September 18, 2017September 9, 2017, ORANGEVILLE –  Nearly one year after the breaking ground on its redevelopment project, Headwaters Health Care Centre’s new Ambulatory Care Centre will officially open its doors to patients on Monday September 18, 2017.The opening is the culmination of more than a decade of planning, and just over a year of construction which kicked off in May 2016. The transformative project is a significant step forward in increasing access to important health care services for the growing community. The addition of the new 8,700 square foot space is the first major expansion of the hospital since opening at the current location in 1997. The new wing will be home to high-demand clinics, services and programs such as dialysis, chemotherapy, minor procedures, orthopaedics and plastics.“This is an exciting time for the hospital and the community,” said Stacey Daub, President and CEO of Headwaters. “With the opening of the new expansion, we are able to provide greater access to the programs and services that are needed most by this fast-growing community, while enabling us to continue providing exceptional, patient-focused care experiences, closer to home.”Throughout the project, Headwaters’ redevelopment team worked closely with the community, including collaborating with patients to provide guidance and input from the patient perspective. “This expansion has been a labour of love not only for our staff, physicians and volunteers, but also for our patients, their families, and the community as a whole,” said Peter Varga, Vice President, Patient Care and Chief Nursing Executive. “From their generous support of this ambitious project, to the small details that enhance the patient experience, this new Ambulatory Care unit is truly something we can be collectively proud of.”The community was also tapped for their input on the naming of the four bright and spacious patient waiting areas featured in the new expansion. “It was incredible to see the excitement around naming our patient waiting areas,” added Varga. With more than 500 votes submitted, the community chose Willow, Maple, Apple and Oak- all names of trees found in the Headwaters region- as the new patient waiting room monikers. A community open house with guided tours of the new expansion will be hosted on Saturday, November 18 as part of the Hospital Auxiliary’s annual Candy Cane Fair. More details of the event and community open house will be shared shortly.“We are so thrilled to open the new Ambulatory Care unit to our patients. It has been remarkable to see the space transform from a parking lot to a beautiful, cutting edge structure in just over a year,” added Geoff Harris, Director, Ambulatory Care and Clinical Support. “It is exciting to see our patients and their families receive exceptional care in this amazing new space and we look forward to expanding our clinical services to continue meeting the needs of our growing community”.The completion of the expansion signals the kick off to the second phase of the redevelopment project: an exciting renovation of 11,800 square feet of existing hospital space to add another operating room, improve reception, and expand pre- and post-surgical recovery areas. Immediately upon opening the new Ambulatory Care expansion, the current Ambulatory Care space and minor procedures room will be turned over to contractors to begin the second phase of the redevelopment, which is targeted for completion in 2018.About Headwaters Health Care CentreHeadwaters Health Care Centre is a medium-size acute and complex continuing care facility, offering both inpatient and outpatient services, as well as an Emergency Department with 24/7 coverage. Headwaters is accredited with Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada. By offering care closer to home and putting patients first, Headwaters aims to provide an exceptional experience every time. Please visit for more information and a full list of services. For more information, please contact: Erin Burcham, Communications Manager, Headwaters Health Care Centre at  519-941-2702 ext. 2248 or email  eburcham@headwatershealth.caThe above media release and photo generously provided by Communications Manager, Headwaters Health Care Centre, Erin Burcham.

Back To School BBQ Hosted By Primrose Christian Centre With Pastor Gavin Sullivan and Blitzfull Treats

It’s not every day positive action of this magnitude happens. Saturday, August 26, 2017 marked Primrose Christian Centre’s 1st Annual Back To School BBQ. Pastor Gavin Sullivan  shows off what the fortunate children who attended the BBQ were provided with, helping to ensure a great start to a successful school year. A fantastic example of a community member helping to build a stronger community.

“It was a back to school BBQ hosted by the members of Primrose Christian Centre. We provided free school supplies to the community which included Shelburne, Primrose and Mulmur. All the food was provided by Blitzfull Treats serving up Hotdaogs, Hamburgers, drinks, and of course, Ice- Cream. Our goal is to do this every year. We provided back packs, water bottles, notebooks, lunch bags, binders and all the essentials!  We had about 100 kids and hope to double or triple that next year!”, commented Kristen Sullivan of Blitzfull Treats. Photos generously provided by Kristen Sullivan of Blitzfull Treats.

It’s “Mum’s The Word” At THE MARKET, Shelburne’s Country Store On Highway 124

The Market

The Market located on Highway 124 is one stop shopping for locals who take delight in a wide variety of fresh, preserved, frozen food items while picking up carrots for your horse, showing the children a goat, calling ducks and bunnies while enjoying an ice cream cone and picking up beautiful MUMS. Also showcasing a variety of gift items. This week save 25% of beautiful Fire Pots and Editors Choice Recipe includes The Market’s RED PEPPER JELLY. Marinated  Pork Chops with Red Pepper Jelly for the Barbeque is a savory taste bud extravaganza for all foodies. Need a new idea for dinner, stop in! Let the chef in you flourish with every visit to The Market!

Visit the Market Facebook page at or call The Market located at 300 County Rd. Highway 124 at 519-925-5353.

Feral Cat Rescue Receives $1,200 Donation From Artist Grace Simpson

Artist Grace Simpson jumped into action in support of Feral Cat Rescue painting and sketching portraits of beloved pet family members of customers and donation 100% of the fee to Feral Cat Rescue. Simpson’s dedication produced approximately 23 portraits taking the young artist collectively over 4 months she is guessing adding up all the hours it took to to complete her charitable project. An animal lover herself, Simpson felt compelled to help out any way she could and considering she did this on her own, this admirable example of what a single person can do is well worth noting and sharing.  In light of Morden’s search for a new location for Feral Cat Rescue, Morden has stated that this money will go a very long way in support of purchasing a portable to be placed on land in the local area. Morden has set up a GO Fund Me page hoping to help raise funds for this huge relocation undertaking. Click here to help. If you would like to know more about Grace Simpson and her very talented artwork, visit her Grace Marie Art  Facebook Page at or call 519-925-3633.

Shelburne Fall Fair Ambassadors 2016-2017 Will Be Soon Passing On The Tradition!

Shelburne Fall Fair Ambassadors from 2016-2017 (ltoR) Junior Fair Ambassador Kersten-Mary Skilton and Fair Ambassador, Carly Philips Will be turning over the reigns to new Ambassadors during the Shelburne Fall Fair which takes place September 15 to September 17, 2017. Below, our Ambassadors taking part in Shelburne’s Annual Heritage Parade 2017 is just one of the many responsibilities they perform as part of their duties representing Shelburne and aspects of Agriculture that is important to Shelburne’s history as well as Shelburne’s future. Shelburne Agricultural Society treats Shelburnites and those from the surrounding area with a wonderful weekend of education, entertainment, important competitions and really gives an insight into the hard work and wonderful way of life that has traditionally helped sustain communities through agriculture and all that it means. If you are new to Shelburne, The Shelburne Fall Fair Is A Must See! Taking place at the Fair Grounds rain or shine, and in case you are wondering, weather never stops Shelburnites, and Farmer’s especially.This event highlights, quilting, crafting, preserves, baking, school age submissions to adults, biggest pumpkin, showcases different farm products such as wheat, farm animals, show horses, horse pulling, (if you want to see just how strong these majestic creatures are, you have to see this) food and craft vendors, petting zoo, and so much more! The Shelburne Fall Fair really is fun for the whole family!   Click here to visit the Shelburne Fall Fair Website.

Below some highlights from 2016.

Visit The Heritage Music Festival Website, Click Below.

Click image below for Event Schedule.

Click image below to find out how to buy tickets for this wonderful evening of top notch entertainers!



Have you Noticed These Structures Along Highway 10?


According to The Ministry of Transportation, these structures are one of their programs designed for birds. Astrid Poei, Communications Coordinator, Ministry of Transportation, stated these structures are called kiosks for Barn Swallows, a species of bird whose nesting grounds get displaced during construction along the highways. MTO have found kiosks very effective in preserving the birds. Mystery solved!

Special Eleven Year Old Asked For Food For Shepherd’s Cupboard  Instead Of Gifts For Her Birthday!

Fantastic Way To Start A Work Week! It’s The Good Stuff! Alyssa Williams just turned eleven years old. Like most eleven year old’s, she asked for NO BIRTHDAY PRESENTS, only donations for Shelburne’s local food bank, the Shepherd’s Cupboard. As it is well known with most children on the planet, few will forgo presents for their birthday and if William’ kindness to the Shepherd’s Cupboard isn’t impressive enough, this is the fourth year she has forgone birthday presents in order to donate to charities. (LtoR) Beth Brown,  Food Bank Purchaser and 11 year old Alyssa Williams. Note: Photo generously provided.

The Market is definitely a country store you want to visit. Grab a delicious icecream, visit with the Calling Ducks, furry bunny or guinea pigs and if that doesn’t interest you, Butter Tart Lovers BEWARE! It is almost impossible to leave the store without one of wonderful red pepper jellies, jams, or pickled asparagus, not to mention fresh produce, fresh bread, gift items and the amazing variety of butter tarts. the Market also has a great variety of novelty items and gift ideas that are very unique. Visit their Facebook Page.

Introducing Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington & Mrs. Bennington July 2017.

Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington and the beautiful Stephanie Batchelor were married over the last July weekend of 2017. Congratulation to both and best wishes for a bright and wonderful future from The Shelburne Freelancer. Photo generously provided.


Dufferin County Museum And Archives News: Reno’s, Cook Books & Bootleggers!

Dufferin County Museum& Archives Marketing and Events Coordinator, Nanci Malek & Chris Wilson from Dufferin Tourism, guest speakers at  Shelburne’s Pickin In The Park Event 2017 briefly discussed with The Shelburne Freelancer very important upcoming events at DCMA. New upcoming renovations that will briefly close the museum will accommodate DCMA’s impressive Cornflower displays as well as an in house bar, tying in with the Bottlegger Exhibition & Tour in 2018. For traditional Cookbook Lovers, DCMa now has added to it’s wonderful bookshop a very unique cookbook, Vintage Eats. A beautiful gift at an affordable price, the recipes are keepers offering Lemon Pie Filling , to everyone’s favourite Scones. Winter Vegetable Soup, & Golden Corn Cakes are the foods we remember and are making a comeback, but this book can show you the way! Click on images above for video interview.


When Future Meets The Past…

When older, abandoned in appearance buildings meet the modern element of turbines windmills, the sight is definitely captivating, the clash unmistakable as this particular building falls to the wayside. Special thanks to WWII Veteran, David Barr for noticing this amazing sight and informing The Shelburne Freelancer. As Shelburne continues to grow, sights of past vs the unwavering direction of present will become more and more prominent across the vista formerly treasured as farm country. This location is down Veteran’s Way and for those who mourn the dilapidation of old brick farm homes, rest easy, there’s not one stitch of brick on this building, despite appearances. The building is covered an older product called asphalt siding, and it was designed to last, obviously!

Shelburne’s Pickin In The Park Certain To Be Another Musical Fun Filled Family Event featuring talented musicians, a men’s fashion show unparalleled, dancing, singing, crafters, ice-cream, camping, visitors for the day, and a Sunday Gospel Jam that is inspiring and entertaining and all at Shelburne’s Fiddle Park. This toe tapping weekend long event will keep your spirits up and the laughs never end. If you are looking to enjoy yourself this weekend, come and visit Pickin In The Park and experience the heart of Shelburne as a community. It’s all about the music..

Pickin In The Park is the brainchild of Greg and Heather Holmes of Homes Appliances and Music Shop located on Main St. Shelburne and they have worked tirelessly, dedicated to making the event as successful as possible and their efforts have payed off as possibly over 1000 attendees with visit over the weekend. As a direct result of the Holmes’ dreams and goals, including their relentless fundraising efforts raising money for the building of a pole barn, with the help of many supporting volunteers, which has now come into fruition,  Shelburne’s Fiddle Park has become a destination for people across the country. Those who attend Pickin In The Park come from across the country and as far as the U.S.

For those who are new to Shelburne, a look into the history of Shelburne will reveal a community who was built on music. From kitchen jamborees, to neighbourhood barn dances, family meals resulting in after dinner fiddle entertainment, music has always been alive in the hearts of souls of those who built the community, even children learned at an early age to play the fiddle or violin. If you are looking for a real experience, Shelburne style, visit Pickin In the Park! The event starts Thursday evening at 7 p.m. Click on the image to visit Pickin In The Park Website.


Shelburne Police Bike Safety Campaign & Winners Of New Bikes Sponsored By Dufferin Mutual Insurance

Every year Shelburne Police hosts a bicycle safety campaign design to help promote the use of helmets and safe cycling. During the month of June Shelburne Police watches for children riding their bikes in a safe manner and wearing helmets.  The officers then enter these safe young cyclists into a draw for a new bike. Every year on July 1st during the Shelburne Canada Festivities, one boy’s name and one girl’s name is drawn to win a new bike. The bikes are sponsored every year by Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company.“A special thanks to a great community partner – Dufferin Mutual Insurance Company”, states Chief Moore. Shelburne Police reminds all cyclists to wear helmets, and ride safely!

This year’s winner of the boy’s bike is Hughie Brennan pictured with his father High Brennan, along with Jessica Plowright of Dufferin Mutual Insurance, and Constables Fudge and Fines of Shelburne Police.

This year’s winner of the girl’s bike is Shaye Sherift pictured above with Leanne Doig of Dufferin Mutual Insurance, and Constables Fudge and Fines of Shelburne Police. Media Release provided by Shelburne Police Services.

Feral Cat Rescue To Return To Council In September 2017

Originally functioning as a home based business, Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue, was discovered to be running what can only be classified as a business in a residential area. The discovery came on the heels of a neighbour’s complaint of odour and since that time, Shelburne Town Council and Sharon Moden, owner and operator, have been working together to try and solve the complicated issue of how to keep Feral Cat Rescue in business. At Council meeting, upon request of Council, Morden presented facts and a business plan to the tune of $60,000 a year in suggested business operation running costs, which provided Council with an idea of how much Morden has sacrificed in free services along with the many volunteers who support her. Several ideas to generate income floated on the floor such as Cat Licences, Return Fees, (cost involved with picking reclaiming lost cats) and the possibility of looking into outside companies who may want to bid on the animal rescue situation Shelburne faces, possibly joining forces with Morden to include felines. Morden has been requested to return to Council in September when members will have had additional time to look at various types of funding, and sustainable business strategies to both keep Morden in business and deal with Shelburne’s feral Cat situation. It would appear that the animal control situation had come to a head in Shelburne and any way the situation gets sliced, the Town has resolved it must come up with a solution, and that solution will likely cost money.

Shelburne Bids Sad Farewell To Shelburne Town Councillor, Tom Egan. 

“The Town of Shelburne faces a dear loss to the community in that Shelburne Town Councillor, Tom Egan passed away July 22, 2017. This reporter can attest Egan’s character and reputation were greatly relied upon during his 19 years of service to the Town of Shelburne and as seen in the photo below, Egan supported community events with a smile that promised a kind chuckle. Typically professional and thorough during Shelburne Town Council Meetings, Egan had no shortage of a sense of humor while always looking out for the “people” as all of his questions and concerns expressed. There will be an empty chair at Shelburne Town Council this very evening as a profound sense of loss will fill Council Chambers for the lack of a wonderful individual nolonger with us but not forgotten. Special heartfelt condolences to the Egan Family.” The Shelburne Freelancer, Alex Sher.

Shelburne Mayor, Ken Bennington offered his sincere condolences commenting,”Tom Egan was a Councillor for the Town of Shelburne for some twenty years. He was a valued colleague, a trusted adviser and my friend. His clever wit and calming influence added much needed spice to Town Council meetings. I personally valued Toms opinions and I held tremendous respect for him. I will miss his voice of reason on Monday nights. I offer my sincere condolences to Carol and her family. Council meetings just won’t be the same without him.”

Click on image below for Celebration of Life Arrangements.

Shelburne’s Chief Administrative Officer, (CAO) John Telfer Set To Retire  August, 2017,  After 14 Years Of Service

Shelburne’s CAO(Chief Administrative Officer) John Telfer is set to retire in early August 2017. In this exclusive video interview, Telfer reviews, discusses and reflects on his time serving the Town of Shelburne. Find out what he thinks of the staff he has worked with for years. The answers might surprise you. Telfer leaves some pretty big shoes to fill. Click image above for video interview.


New Parking Permit System Within The Downtown Core Will Improve Main Street Parking

Press Release From The Town of Shelburne, ByLaw Officer, Vanessa Albanese, July 24, 2017,

The Town of Shelburne will be implementing a permit parking system within the downtown core.  Store owners, employees and tenants will have designated areas to leave their vehicle parked without having to move every three hours.  Parking spaces on Main Street, Owen Sound Street, William Street, and Victoria street within the downtown core will remain free three-hour parking. This will allow more downtown parking to be open for customers to do their shopping.  There will be twenty-eight permit spaces at the William Municipal Lot, eight permit spaces at the Victoria Municipal Lot and thirty-five permit spaces at the Wellington Municipal Lot. Permit passes will be available for purchase at Town Hall for $150.00 per year or $12.50 per month.  Each lot will have a color-coded permit associated with it that will hang on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle to indicate where the permit is to be used. A new time schedule has been set out for the different Municipal Lots. The William Municipal Lot has no time limit for permit holders. In the Victoria Municipal Lot, free parking is available from 4:30pm – 12:00am, but to park during business hours a permit is required. The Wellington Municipal Lot will allow customers and business owners to park unlimited during the day but require a permit if a vehicle is being left overnight from 12:00am – 7:00am.  Should you have any questions, you may contact the bylaw department directly at the Town of Shelburne By-Law Office 519-925-2600 Ext.255. Press Release from the desk of Vanessa Albanese, Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, Town of Shelburne.

Sharon Morden of Feral Cat Rescue To Appear At Shelburne Town Council Monday, July 24, 2017. 

Morden has been the topic of much community debate over a neighbour’s complaint of odour involving her non-profit home based feral cat rescue operation. In response, the Town of Shelburne, following standard procedure, explored the complaint and realized the Feral Cat Rescue operation should not be allowed to continue based on the fact of its location not being allowed  within bylaw regulations as it falls under residential restrictions. This decision by Council did not come without helpful suggestions from the Town also offering up Town employees, Town Engineer Steve Wever, and Town Deputy Clerk, Jennifer Willoughby to aid Morden with finding the best options available to her for relocation purposes and financial options that could be available to her. An issuance for closure has already been delivered to Morden, yet recognizing the tremendous need for her services, the Town could have good news to deliver in the way of an update for Feral Cat Rescue or having exhausted all avenues to help Morden find a way to continue, might be forced to deliver the very bad news for the Town of Shelburne inciting closure.


Knitting Patriotically

Shelburnite, Second Vice President , Membership Chairperson, Bingo Chairperson, Linda Orvis,  proudly displays with the help of Veteran, John Flannery,  a patriotic scarf knitted by her daughter-in law, Anne Marie Zinck.  The scarf has deep rooted meaning for the family of generational veterans and is in honor of WWII veterans proudly displaying banner colors. The scarf was given to and made for Darrell Zinck, a retired Veteran. The scarf is another wonderful reminder of the many ways one can pay tribute, hour and respect for those who proudly, bravely, and selflessly served our country.

Domestic dispute results in charges

On July 12, 2017, Shelburne Police were dispatched to a residence for a report of domestic assault.  Upon arrival, the accused had departed the residence as he did not wish to speak with police.  Police determined that both parties had been drinking alcohol.  The victim advised police that the accused had assaulted her multiple times, before fleaing on foot. After an investigation, it was determined that there were previous physical domestic assaults.  Police located the accused, placed him under arrest and held him for a bail hearing. If anyone has any information in relation to this case or any other matter, they are encouraged to contact the Shelburne Police Service at 519-925-3312 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online at

Shelburne Male Arrested In Disturbance Call

Early in the morning of July 16, 2017, Shelburne Police were dispatched to an address on Marie Street, in the Town of Shelburne for a disturbance.  Police arrived and spoke with a male party, who was banging on the front door of the residence.  Police subsequently removed the male from the property, and advised him not to return.  A short while later, police were dispatched back to the same address, with information that the male had returned.  When police arrived, the male was observed by police hiding behind bushes of a neighbouring residence. Police subsequently arrested Matthew ROUNDING,43, of Shelburne, for Trespass by Night, Trespass to Property, Public Intoxication and Failing to Comply with Probation. ROUNDING was released on a Promise to Appear with a court date at the Orangeville Court House.

If anyone has any information in relation to this case or any other matter, they are encouraged to contact the Shelburne Police Service at 519-925-3312 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or online at

This press releases provided by Shelburne Police Services Medial Relations Officer, Constable Jeffery McLean.

2017 Shelburne Police Service Six Month Statistics Report

The first six months of 2017 proved to be very busy for the Shelburne Police Service.  From January 1st until June 30th the Shelburne Police Service laid a total of 1714 charges.  They are broken down as follows:

  • Criminal Code charges:  260
  • Controlled Drugs and Substances Act:  30
  • Highway Traffic Act:  1226 (799 of which were for speeding)
  • Liquor Licence Act: 15
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act:  121
  • Trespass to Property Act:  7
  • Other Provincial Statues: 55
  • Members of the Shelburne Police Service responded to 2884 calls for service.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:  62 , Number of Parking Tickets issued:  205, A total of 437.5 hours were spent on beat patrol / community service events. A total of 2561 hours of cruiser patrol time was logged. A total of 2239 hours of radar and traffic enforcement was completed. Officers conducted 2046 hours of Investigations. Officers spent a total amount of 992 hours writing reports and office duties.