Pickin In The Park 2018

Record numbers attended Pickin In The Park 2018, welcoming over 229 Campers and travellers from across Ontario and the world attended. People came from St John’s, Newfoundland, Sudbury, Chatham, St. Catherines, Ottawa, New Zealand and Scotland. A welcomed number of young attendees were also enjoying themselves, camping, performing, and taking in all the excitement of the event. This event,hosted by Greg and Heather Holmes, who, with the help of volunteers make this wonderful event the success it is. Special thanks go out to Shelburne Lion’s Club, who took shifts on the admission table, held the fish fry, and worked the raffle table, the Shelburne Kinettes worked the Food Booth providing a variety of foods for the entire weekend. The Holmes would also like to thank all those who donated items to the raffle table, local businesses and private contributors who donated funds. This event is a unique venue and during the Sunday Gospel Jam, $500 dollars was raised for the Shepherd’s Cupboard, Shelburne’s local Food Bank. Special thanks to Trillium Ford who also attended.  During this event is the always greatly appreciated Ice Cream Social which occurs daily over the weekend. The Lion’s Club man the afternoon event and the Ice Cream was donated by John’s NoFrills, Foodland, and Giant Tiger. Also manning the Sound control system was Pastor Gord Horsley and his son Zeke Horsley. Approximately $22,000 was raised over this weekend and that money will go towards the outstanding costs of the much appreciated Pole Barn Pavillion.

While walk in traffic was a little slower than in previous years due to inclement weather, the Town of Shelburne did notice a boost to local businesses as Pickin In The Park attendees took in the sights, ventured to local restaurants and businesses.

“Everyone who attended really enjoyed themselves,” commented Heather Holmes adding,”We really couldn’t have this event without all our volunteers. There were over 50 volunteers and they are the ones who make it work.”

In light of the Town Of Shelburne recently considering a proposed sale of Fiddle Park, and then deciding after experiencing a passionate opposition to the sale on behalf of Shelburnites, to decline the offer in excess of 7 million dollars, many who attended Pickin In The Park were wondering if the Park is still in danger of being sold. Still that sentiment did not hinder people from both having a wonderful time and planning to return next year.

And what about the music? Fantastic! So much talent, and dancing, and singing! The key to the success of this event is not really a secret, but few people actually think about it. The quality of people of those who attend is next to none. It’s a fantastic experience to be surrounded by happy people, content to share music that bonds them together. And that’s the secret, the great music, the fantastic people who attend, the fun, friends, laughter, and the bond that welcomes all.  If you missed out on this wonderful event, be sure to plan ahead for next year!

Above:Lions Club Volunteers

Above:The rainbow over Fiddle Park!

Above: Men’s Fashion Show you will not see anywhere else!

Above:The Downpour!

Above: (LtoR) Official Running mate for the position of Councillor in 2018 Elections, Kyle Fegan, Current Councillor Walter Bennotto, also running in 2018 for the position of Councillor and Current Councillor Wade Mills who will become Shelburne’s new Mayor in 2018 after winning uncontested. Congratulations to Mills!

Above:Our wonderful Shelburne Kinettes who provided much needed sustenance over the Pickin In The Park Weekend.

Above: The Ice Cream Social

Above: Pastor Gord Horsley and his son, Zeke Horsley on Sound.

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