Should ATV Bylaws Be Amended In Favour Of Driving To Trails On Shelburne Streets?

Should ATV'rs Be Allowed To Drive On Shelburne Streets To Trails?

Is Shelburne Prepared To Amend ATV Bylaws Allowing Drivers On The Streets To And From Designated Trails? Find Out What Shelburne Mayor Ken Bennington Had To Say In This Exclusive Video Interview. Click image below.

Should ATV’rs Be Allowed To Drive On Streets Of Shelburne To And From Trails? In this controversial move, should Shelburne Town Council vote in favour of amending a long standing Bylaw restricting the use of ATV’s on the streets of Shelburne, the Town Of Shelburne could be setting itself for a world of grief.

With a highly congested traffic situation in the Town of Shelburne, would an amended Bylaw in favour of ATV enthusiasts using the streets of Shelburne to allow access to and from trails cause more problems for Shelburne Police Services and the residents of Shelburne? In addition to basic fundamentalists not wanting the nature of Shelburne’s quiet town becoming riddled with the noise of ATV’s on Shelburne streets, Town Council will have weigh safety concerns very seriously when considering the number of those interested in using the trails and their ages. Some drivers of ATV’s can be as young as ten years old as witnessed by this reporter, legal or not, it happens, and with the amended bylaw will drivers have to contend with the under aged drivers on the streets? Although Shelburne Mayor reported having noted a keen interest for ATV enthusiasts urging the amendment to go forward,  also noting Councillor Dan Sample who is in favour of the idea reported during the Council meeting that other communities have moved forward with such changes and are doing fine, difficult decision in distance travelled on streets to and from trails will have to be considered and will be near impossible to enforce. When compared other communities, Shelburne has always been a unique demographic and with any change there is no guarantee of success. This issue is just in the early stages of consideration and if you would like to weigh in, write a letter or attend council.