Feral Cat Rescue To Return To Council In September 2017

Originally functioning as a home based business, Shelburne Feral Cat Rescue, was discovered to be running what can only be classified as a business in a residential area. The discovery came on the heels of a neighbour’s complaint of odour and since that time, Shelburne Town Council and Sharon Moden, owner and operator, have been working together to try and solve the complicated issue of how to keep Feral Cat Rescue in business. At Council meeting, upon request of Council, Morden presented facts and a business plan to the tune of $60,000 a year in suggested business operation running costs, which provided Council with an idea of how much Morden has sacrificed in free services along with the many volunteers who support her. Several ideas to generate income floated on the floor such as Cat Licences, Return Fees, (cost involved with picking reclaiming lost cats) and the possibility of looking into outside companies who may want to bid on the animal rescue situation Shelburne faces, possibly joining forces with Morden to include felines. Morden has been requested to return to Council in September when members will have had additional time to look at various types of funding, and sustainable business strategies to both keep Morden in business and deal with Shelburne’s feral Cat situation. It would appear that the animal control situation had come to a head in Shelburne and any way the situation gets sliced, the Town has resolved it must come up with a solution, and that solution will likely cost money.