Shelburne’s Annual Pickin In the Park Event 2017 Another Sensational Musical Weekend!

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With over 300 photographs documenting this wonderful social event, and so much video coverage, anyone can see why this fun filled weekend of music attracts people from all over the world. Alberta, Ireland and Newfoundland seem very far and away from Shelburne, but the audience also came from across the province of Ontario. Not looking for an over commercialized event Pickin in the Park goers thrive in Shelburne’s pleasant environment filled with good friends, fine music and food served up by Shelburne’s local Kinettes. Ideally located in Shelburne’s Fiddle Park, the audience was able to sit under the protection of a newly built pole barn which Shelburnites, Greg and Heather Holmes were able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and dedication to their dream of a structure at Fiddle Park to protect from the elements and bring Shelburne into an era where it can be considered a a true venue that will attract so many events in the future. Not quite finished fundraising after several years, the sheer numbers of those in attendance averaged over 1000 daily visitors which included approximately over 250 campers, and hundreds of walk-ins supporting the event, meeting with friends and enjoying Kinette food, arriving to perform in the open mike performances. Beginning on Thursday, July 27th, many campers visited Shelburne’s farmer’s Market and took in the sites, walking along Main St., proving a welcome guest for local businesses. The music and talented performers displayed their skills all weekend finishing up with a Gospel Music Sunday that can only be described as uplifting!

Look for videos of this wonderful music and start making plans to attend Pickin In The Park 2018! Bring a lawn chair and you too can take part in this musical tradition. Visit Pickin In The Park’s website for more information. 

Special thanks to Greg and Heather Holmes for never wavering in their commitment to Pickin In The Park and the construction of the Pole Barn. A lot of time, energy and personal sacrifice went into this endeavour and at some point in time, all Shelburnites will get to enjoy their hard work. Thanks!