Dufferin County Museum & Archives News: Reno’s, Cookbooks & Bootleggers!

Dufferin County Museum& Archives Marketing and Events Coordinator, Nanci Malek & Chris Wilson from Dufferin Tourism, guest speakers at  Shelburne’s Pickin In The Park Event 2017 briefly discussed with The Shelburne Freelancer very important upcoming events at DCMA. New upcoming renovations that will briefly close the musseum will accommodate DCMA’s impressive Cornflower displays as well as an in house bar, tying in with the Bottlegger Exhibition & Tour in 2018. For traditional Cookbook Lovers, DCMa now has added to it’s wonderful bookshop a very unique cookbook, Vintage Eats. A beautiful gift at an affordable price, the recipes are keepers offering Lemon Pie Filling , to everyone’s favourite Scones. Winter Vegetable Soup, & Golden Corn Cakes are the foods we remember and are making a comeback, but this book can show you the way!

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