MPP Sylvia Jones Teams Up With Insurance Bureau of Canada Placing Life Saving Carbon Monoxide Detectors In The Homes Of Shelburne Residents With Help From Shelburne District And Fire Department

Teaming Up To Protect Shelburne Residents From A Silent Killer

MPP Sylvia Jones has teamed up with the Insurance Bureau of Canada(IBC) and with the help of the Shelburne District Fire Department have the very important goal of keeping every resident in Shelburne safe from the silent killer, Carbon Monoxide. IBC has donated 1000 CO detectors to fire departments across Ontario and Shelburne recieved 150 CO detectors to be delivered where needed. Liam McGuinty, Director of Government Relations(Middle, back) in Ontario was proud of the incentive to help keep people safe commenting, ” MPP Sylvia Jones approached us with this opportunity and we thought it was great. We are very interested in being community partners.” In addition to being a community partner, the IBC has the added relief of hoping they will see less tragedy such as deaths due to CO. Coming to the forefront in the passed year, tragedy has struck in and around the greater Toronto area and this attempt to help saves lives is admirable. Shelburne and District Fire Chief, Brad Lemaich commented, ” Public safety and raising awareness is often a large part of what we do, reaching out to the community and sometimes it’s just a simple reminder to check the batteries in the detector that can help to save a life.” When asked how the Chief will determine where the Co detectors will actually find homes, it’s the Chief’s experience that comes into play noting that newer buildings and homes have them already, and it’s often renters who find they are without. It will be a matter of reaching out to the community, which Shelburne District and Fire Fighters are pretty good at.

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