Shelburne’s Seemingly Simple Owen Sound Street & Main St. Intersection Gets Complicated

During Question Period: The inability to pass traffic trying to turn left at Owen Sound Street infuriating drivers. A Seemingly Simple Situation Gets Complicated.



A gentleman very passionate about the traffic blockage entering Shelburne from the West end onto Shelburne’s Main Street, found at the lights when turning left own Owen Sound Street resulting in drivers attempting to drive through Shelburne cannot carry on forward due to the Handicapped parking spot at the intersection,not allowing drivers to pass those waiting to turn left brought the matter to Council’s attention. The Gentleman was dumbfounded by Council’s response as to why this problem addressed in the spring has not been resolved. The Town’s plan to move the parking spot back a spot allowing drivers the ability to pass cars waiting to turn left onto Owen Sound are in the works as a Bylaw amendment has already been sent to the courts. Even once returned from the courts, there are more considerations as the province has been creating a new template for handicapped parking symbol and until it is provided to the Town of Shelburne, enabling the parking stamp to be painted on the new handicapped parking spot, the Town is legally not allowed to move the spot. It’s not a matter of using the old stamp in the new spot as that action would be seen as non-compliant. Another example of Provincial Government holding up progress. Meanwhile, drivers who are unaware of the Handicapped Parking spot are actually driving on it and passed drivers who are waiting turn left onto Owen sound. The problem then becomes heightened by Transports waiting to turn left onto Owen Sound occupying the length of two parking spots. More Updates On The Situation Will Follow!