The Old Version Of The Shelburne Freelancer VS The New Version

The previous version of The Shelburne Freelancer is just as it was a few months ago and can be found at If you want to find out what happened to all the photos, the older stories, they are there. Being an older site, the site may take longer to load, but it’s all there, just as it ever was. While very different, the newer site is far more user friendly and had already received almost 9,000 views since it began just a few short weeks ago surpassing the viewership of the previous website exponentially. The archived location took more than a few months to reach that many views and is still getting views reaching 44, 249 views to date. Social media is a wonderful tool and both sites are viewed from quite literally around the world. One of the key ways to make money is to have views, likes, shares, and to subscribe to The Shelburne Freelancer Youtube Channel which is all free to access for viewers and has received a whopping 96, 116 views! For the population of Shelburne to have so wonderfully embraced this News Source is an astounding concept. Shelburnites still enjoy reading the traditional paper newspaper and for most of those who love to read, myself included, we hope books and newspapers do not trickle away into a past of non-existence, but, as a society, we no longer take our laundry to a creek for cleaning to bang it with rocks and the modern world will not stop for any of us. That being said, The Shelburne Freelancer has already become a well relied upon news source staple receiving and sharing news in support of the Shelburne community. Be sure to visit, like, share, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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Alex Sher