Inside Town Council: Land Severances, Jr.Schooner’s Girls Baseball Team, And More!

Overview Of Shelburne Town Council Meeting Held September 11, 2017

It was all hands on deck this Council meeting. Covering a variety of issues, Council first heard report from Shelburne Non-Profit Housing Board(Fiddleville). A copy of the agenda and minutes are available at  The Town Of Shelburne’s website. Shelburne Town Planner, Steve Wever was kept very busy reporting on his assessment of yet more properties applying to sever their land for sale. The most recent request of 330 Main St. East, involves Consent Application for Minor Variance A17/04.

A worrying trend that upset local residents so much, they wrote a letter to Council acknowledging their disapproval.  RobertA. Osborne, Fern Oborne, Don Hosken, Vivian Hosken, Jim Cheyne, Randy Chayne, Bruce Galbraith, Lois Galbraith, Bob Giles, Donna Giles, Ronna Hasken, and Jean Cheyne. Raising concerns over snow removal and placement, wanting to maintain Shelburne’s attractiveness to buyers for their sizable back yards, and the wish for Shelburne to remain largely single dwelling family homes. Their concern that a home the size of a “postage stamp” is not necessary citing there is a lot size for a reason. Below, as part of Wever’s presentation, he provided images of previously and similar severed lots, the proposal for consent, the building envelope, and the similar applications which had met concerns and standards. Having met the requirements based on Wever’s information,  Council carried the motion.

The second area of concern involving Shelburne Town Planner Steve Wever came as a re-zoning request for 440 Main St. West.  This would involve an amendment to bylaw #38-2207. The request submitted by Sherri Scarlett is requesting the re-zoning to legalize a non-conforming Home Occupation as a Personal Services (Hair Salon) within the attached garage of the existing single detached dwelling. Scarlett, a non-resident to Shelburne, owns the home and wishes to work from the dwelling she rents. Concerned resident, approached Council with regards to water safety as the dwelling utilizing a spetic system may interfere with quality of those on well water in near proximity.  After considering the situation, Council carried the motion that more information was required before going ahead with the request citing, septic, Ministry of Transportation, and business parking availability concerns. Below is the Property in Question, and a list of Criteria for home Occupation to be still considered.

In an unprecedented move, Mayor Ken Bennington brought his  grave concern over Council decisions and the need to follow procedure when considering last minute agenda items being brought forth. Bennington reminded Council there is a need to follow procedures allowing the full voice of council to participate. His request did not fall on deaf ears as Council members unanimously agreed. Moving forward, all will be considered in decision making and when members are absent, Council will agree to wait until members are present or have had the chance to weigh in.

Mayor Bennington also approached Council on behalf of the Jr. Schooners Pee Wee Softball Team suggesting they should receive the Community Excellence Award boasting that the team have come a long way, many grown men could hit a ball served up the team’s pitcher and they deserve the support from their community having earned it.

Council also received a letter from Sylvia Jones dated August 10, 2017 regarding improved conditions for vehicular traffic at the intersection of Highway 89 and 124 that Mayor Bennington felt strongly about and Council agreed to help the letter get attention by reaching out to all of Dufferin County.